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Top Kitchen Trends 2024 Australia with Popular Styles

Discover the best kitchen trends of 2024 that will inspire you to renovate your space to boost functionality and convenience while adding style and visual appeal. Here are the latest kitchen design trends in Australia in 2024.

handleless hamptons kitchen in trend

Latest Kitchen Trends 2024 for Culinary Aesthetics

Kitchen Cabinets

Explore our diverse kitchen cabinet door collection to elevate your kitchen style! We have options for every taste, from modern peak handles to charming cup pulls. Choose between handleless doors for a classic minimalist look or shaker-style cabinet doors with embedded designs for added depth. In 2024, anticipate a rise in subtle door designs like Alfresco and European styles and finishes perfect for modern to mid-century kitchens.

Essential Kitchen Storage Solutions

Achieve the ideal kitchen by combining functionality and aesthetics. Generous storage is crucial, and our intelligent accessories ensure an organised and joyful space. Explore hidden gems like pull-out pantries, Hafele pull-out bins, and corner cabinet pull-outs to maximise space efficiently with accessible solutions, creating a seamlessly organised kitchen.

Kitchen Benchtops

Renovate your kitchen with our impactful benchtop choices in 2024. You can choose from our premium laminate designs, providing practicality and aesthetics at cost-effective prices. Laminate benchtops require minimal maintenance and endure for years, and you can get them in diverse colours, including stone and timber looks.

Minimise construction waste with our unique stone benchtops. Our Australian-developed manufacturing technology ensures environmental friendliness – a 7mm slab thickness lowers quartz consumption by over 65% per slab.

Smart Kitchens

Anticipate the future of kitchen design in 2024 and beyond with the rise of smart kitchens. Witness a seamless integration of advanced technology featuring smart appliances, voice control systems, and interconnected devices. Visualise the convenience of voice-activated assistants, automated lighting, and smart refrigerators, enabling effortless control and efficient management of your kitchen appliances.

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Trending Kitchen Styles for 2024

There are many choices when it comes to selecting a kitchen style. Depending upon your requirements i.e. ease of use, comfort and aesthetics; you can choose a style that suits your kitchen and home fittingly. 

Kitchen styles will adorn various design inspirations in 2024, from modern chic to timeless mid-century aesthetics. Coastal vibes and farmhouse charm will make a comeback as homeowners seek to fill their kitchens with the warmth of this inviting and adaptable elegance. Whether you prefer sleek and contemporary or long for the rustic appeal of farmhouse kitchens, 2024 promises an exciting blend of diverse design inspirations. Let’s explore the various kitchen styles trending in Australia for 2024.

Modern Kitchens

Modern Kitchen style Sydney

Sleek, cutting-edge, and free from clutter, the modern-style kitchen is ideal for homeowners who desire secret spaces, cleverly concealed behind sleek doors and want to include conveniences of the 21st-century appliances and gadgets. Known for its clean finishes and smooth lines, today’s modern kitchens are fashionable yet, minimalist at its best. Modern kitchens savvy the ‘mid-century modern philosophy’ of ‘form follow function’ and stand for a clear “Less is More” approach to building the kitchen of your dreams.

A modern kitchen is a neat, clean and orderly kitchen. They often use beautiful stone benchtops (can be natural or engineered stone), smooth drawers and recessed lighting. Storage solutions can include island bench cut-out shelves and open shelving. Besides, integrated fridges, pull-out pantries and pull-out bins are ideal.

Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary Kitchen Design Sydney

The contemporary kitchen is best suited to our busy lifestyle – it’s all about space, comfort and functionality! Contemporary kitchen designs are stylish and sleek, and you’ll love to linger in.

A contemporary kitchen can experiment with every new development, product and appliance introduced in the market – for instance, it blends soft-close drawers and cupboards, induction cooktops, clever storage solutions and integrated latest appliances.

With regards to splashback, you can choose mosaic-like ceramic tiles, large panels of stone or coloured glass splashback. For colour, it’s about light and dark tone combinations – it’s all about playing with contrasting colours. White often dominates black or other bold colours are added to produce an impact.

Country Kitchens

Country Kitchen Sydney

Country-style is quite an extensive term that can include styles of Hamptons, French provincial and modern-country. Modern-country style imparts character through features that include:

  • Stone or warm timber benchtops and flooring.
  • Profile doors and panels
  • Open shelving
  • Turned posts on island benches
  • Soft, neutral colour palettes
  • Accent shades like subtle greys, exquisite blues and cool greens.
  • Large overhanging ceramic sinks
  • Ceramic handles
  • Decorated wire

Traditionally, country-style kitchens had the luxury of liberal floor plans and large layouts, but today they are more and more used in small and compact spaces including apartments successfully. The core importance is given to natural materials and high-quality craftsmanship, so plastic or anything man-made is a strict ‘No’.

The country-style kitchens of the modern-day captivate the serene look of simple, country living blended with practical conveniences and modern comforts. Thus, it’s possible to add everything you have a dream of, as well as, all the details that you never thought could be possible for your beautiful country kitchen.

Classic Kitchens

Classic Kitchen Sydney

Neither modern nor traditional, the look of classic-style kitchens won’t date – it’s forever! Thus, trendy features need to be avoided. Go for natural or engineered stone benchtops and stone or wooden flooring. Choose neat cabinetry with simple, clean lines. These components are eternal and won’t date.

In classic style kitchens, features such as stone benchtops, open floor plan, kitchen islands and a generous amount of natural light are seen, creating a welcoming, homely atmosphere.

As far as the cabinetry is concerned, it features plain profile doors, and the tone is neutral all through, thus, avoid fashionable colours that might date your kitchen after some years.

Nonetheless, the classic-style kitchen has the scope to adjust per your changing preferences – for example, if you want, you can fit glass doors on your wall cabinets to display your favourite items.

French Provincial Kitchens

French Provincial Kitchen Sydney

Graceful and appealing, French provincial kitchens are timeless and a favourite choice for kitchen renovations; they add tenderness and spirit that vibrates with anyone fortunate enough to spend time in one. Image Source:

  • Usually, materials are traditional and include ceramic tiling, stone benchtops, stone or wood flooring, oversized range hoods and ovens and nicely crafted wooden cabinetry.
  • Antique or imitation items like ornamental brass taps, hooks and rails can all add to the sense of genuineness.
  • When it comes to colour selection, French-style kitchens haven’t drifted too far from their roots – it includes greys, creams and antique whites, as well as, other soft colour tones such as delicate shades of light green and eggshell blue.
  • The most thriving idea is to blend rustic magnetism with modern premium finishes and details. For instance, your French kitchen will give a traditional look, but you can enjoy all the advantages of modern technology such as innovative storage solutions and soft-close drawers etc.

Hamptons Kitchens

Luxury Hamptons Style Kitchen Sydney

Hamptons Kitchens Sydney

Serene and graceful, Hamptons style is inspired by an amazingly lovely area located near New York that’s an escape for the affluent class. Hamptons kitchen design reveals their famous coastal namesake and works magnificently here in Australia. They are an embodiment of traditional yet informal; bringing a delightfully laid-back feel to a style that radiates sophistication and classiness.

  • The main components of a Hamptons-style kitchen are space and light. Imagine open spaces with lofty ceilings that facilitate room for ornamental shaping around the cabinetry, and bright natural light flowing through big windows.
  • White remains the colour of choice; however, other pale neutral colours are also desirable like sandy tones that reinforce the coastal theme. Besides, you can pick shades of blue and green that work brilliantly too.
  • Large pendant lights stress the importance of light and suit tall ceilings that are usually seen in this style.
  • Plain white cabinetry is another feature of Hamptons kitchen style.

Typically, islands are seen in Hamptons kitchens almost everywhere, as they provide additional space for bench and storage plus a comfortable area for informal stool seating.

Shaker Style Kitchens

Shaker Style Kitchen Design Sydney


Shaker-style kitchens can look stunning in almost any type of kitchen design. Whether it’s good old traditional French Provincial, Hamptons or modern-style kitchens, you’d easily relate to these awesome-looking cabinet doors.

Cabinet doors in Shaker style comprise a recessed panel and a four-piece wood frame. At large, these kitchen cabinets are made out of wood and dovetail joints. The simple lines and understated charm of Shaker-style kitchens have endured the test of time.

Today, almost all shaker doors are made out of machine grade moisture resistant EO MDF wherein the profile is routed in. Besides, the door can be covered by vinyl and painted with the colour of choice.

Sophistication, minimalism and versatility are what define the success of shaker cabinets, which were first introduced and familiarised by a vague religious order in the late 1700s. Over two centuries have passed yet, the look remains mostly the same; however, technological advancements have opened possibilities for an array of colours and finish choices.

Black Kitchens

White kitchens were, and still are considered a classic choice, but black kitchen designs have made a huge impression with its depth and texture that kitchens with lighter cabinetry find it hard to match. When you’re able to achieve the right combination of a black and lighter colour, it will give a visual treat.

black kitchen style Sydney

When your friends or family see a black kitchen for the first time, the instant reaction is typical “Wow”! Secondly, you can use contrast to the maximum for a dark kitchen. A variety of kitchen styles will look good with black or darker coloured kitchens plus they can be blended with diverse textures and colours for a striking effect.

Imagine for a moment, about balancing the dark cabinetry with a lighter benchtop that has some texture such as man-made engineered stone or one of the natural stone benchtops such as granite.

White Kitchens

White Kitchen Sydney

White kitchens include many shades such as off-white, ivory, silver, milky white, pearl white etc. The ageless appeal of a white kitchen makes them the favourite choice of Aussies. Pristine, crisp and pure, white can effortlessly optimise your home’s natural light, making smaller spaces look bigger.

Regardless of the kitchen style, you plan to go with – whether it is modern, contemporary, classic, country, French provincial or Hamptons, white will equally work well on any of them. Besides, you can choose between high-gloss and matt finish, both have different effects and impacts.

Furthermore, the surfaces and finishes of the modern-day are much easier to clean and maintain compared to the olden days. All that’s required is a quick wipe and it’s spotless and pristine. Moreover, gloss finish surfaces are effortless to clean.

Handleless Kitchens


Handleless Kitchen Sydney

If you want a modern, smooth and efficient design as per current kitchen trends, a handleless kitchen might be the right option. Handleless drawers and cabinets are more highly-functional and more efficient than ever before. Thanks to the developments in hinges and runners, opening and closing have become easier. You get two options to attain this clean and serene look.

• In the first option, the handle is positioned along the edges of the door, so it’s not visible. This type of cleverly designed door and drawer will provide adequate space for your fingers to grip while the handle remains intelligently hidden.
• The other option uses touch technology thanks, to the specialised hardware inside – push softly against the drawer or cabinet door and it will open up slowly and quietly.

Without pulls and knobs, handleless kitchens are visually impressive and offer a magnificent look to your entire kitchen.

Modern Coastal Hamptons Kitchens Sydney

Coastal Style Kitchens

The coastal-style kitchen is fresh and contemporary, inspired by the natural materials, colours and textures of the sea. Houses located by the side of the beach are nicely ventilated, light and bright. Lively, modern and intoxicating, coastal kitchens are exclusively designed to keep the spirits alive.

Harmonising the sun, sand and sea atmosphere, this kitchen style has amazing features to offer. Besides, you can choose from inspiring beach-themed splashbacks to relaxing light colours in soft hues, it will give you a feel that you’re on a vacation. To complete this kitchen in perfect style, install coastal kitchen cabinets with clean finishes along with laminate or sleek hardwood floors.

Colonial Style Kitchens

When we think of colonial kitchens, we instantly recollect the scene comprising stone floors, spinning wheels, bubbling cauldrons and welcoming open fire. Dig deeper and you’ll find a natural colour palette in creams, whites and hushed tones, indicating the significance of bringing indoor, the impressive outdoors.

With rural, homely beauty, the traditional colonial kitchen gives you a feeling that you’re in your world. If you want to give this kitchen style a modern spin then the possibilities are limitless with regard to design and finishes. The colonial kitchen style is certain to delight you and your family for many years to come regardless of whether you opt for a sleek contemporary design or a more traditional look.

Industrial Style Kitchens

Industry Kitchen Sydney

Industrial-style kitchens are robust, offer clear lines and are low on maintenance. For many Aussie homeowners, an industrial-style kitchen is a highly appealing alternative. Originally, it suited only for dwellings with high or lofty ceilings, but now they can be effortlessly integrated into any home. What you get is an open space with plenty of light and a kitchen that not only looks fabulous but is highly functional.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen Sydney

An outdoor kitchen is a space located outside of the house where one can prepare a meal, entertain family members, friends or guests, socialise and clean up everything later. Great-looking outdoor kitchens offer revolutionary European-style finishes and are designed to fit a vast array of outdoor appliances including smokers, pizza ovens, grills, side burners, sinks, wine coolers and refrigerators. Finally, you can easily transform your outdoor kitchen to reflect your lifestyle.

Final Words

What kitchen trends & styles to choose is your personal decision; however, you need to take into account what type of look and functionality you want to achieve, as well as, the budget. Keeping these vital things in mind, you’ll be able to better decide whether you want to go with modern, contemporary, Shaker style, Hamptons, French provincial, country, classic, black or white kitchen style. Irrespective of the kitchen style you choose, you can’t go wrong.

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