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Shaker Style Kitchens Sydney

Paradise Kitchens build the highly desirable Shaker style kitchens, which is all about minimalism, adaptability and utilitarian yet elegant and graceful.

Shaker Style Kitchens Sydney

What is Shaker Style Kitchen?

Shaker style came into existence in the late 1700s – two centuries have passed by, yet the look remains unchanged. In shaker style kitchen, cabinets and doors have recessed panels. Originally, shaker door was made with a 5-piece door front, 2 rails, 2 stiles and a central panel. Shaker kitchen is strong and sturdy, and little or no timber is wasted while constructing it. Available in many designs, Shaker style kitchens are modest and monotonous, and they continue to remain in high demand. The advancements in technology have added a great variety of colours and finishes.

Types of Shaker Style Kitchen Designs in Sydney

Shaker-style kitchens are perfect for kitchens having generous open floor space that can be paired with furnishings to match this style. The Hamptons style kitchen design can be tweaked and refined to transform into a modern design for interiors yet maintaining its original features. Any type of kitchen can adorn shaker style kitchen provided the kitchen has a liberal amount of space because this style is heavy and would not look good in small kitchens.

Modern Shaker Style Kitchens

Shaker-style cabinetry is clean and orderly and can lend an immaculate look to the modern kitchen. Depending on the homeowner’s preferences, the doors can be left bare or cabinet hardware may be added. Modern kitchens look pleasing with finished wood, as it adds tenderness. Similarly, Shaker style kitchen cabinets when painted with grey, white, ivory, cream, light green, light pink, light blue etc., look stunningly beautiful. Besides, Shaker cabinet doors constructed out of walnut or ash look captivating and it will appeal to those who like dark wood grains.

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Modern White Shaker Kitchen With Caesarstone

Do you want to build a modern Shaker style kitchen? At Paradise Kitchens, we can combine the traditional details of a Shaker kitchen with modern design features to build a kinship with your home that surpasses your expectations.

Contemporary Shaker Style Kitchens

A contemporary kitchen is designed keeping minimalism and simplicity in the forefront, so the kitchens in this range have a universal charm that never fails to delight. As Shaker style kitchens are simple and without complex embellishments, they intermingle flawlessly with contemporary design elements.

Need a contemporary Shaker style kitchen for your home? Paradise Kitchens can effortlessly mix the conventional details of a Shaker kitchen with contemporary design elements to form a relationship with your home that transcends all your expectations.

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Transitional Shaker Style Kitchens

Shaker style kitchen cabinets are best to create the transition between modern and traditional kitchen elements. For achieving transitional kitchen style, Shaker cabinetry offers the perfect background. Choosing shaker cabinetry with the latest in the dark colour offering, selecting contemporary light fittings or mixing with your preferred vintage accessories is a perfect example of transitional styling that can look impressive.

Are you looking for great-looking transitional Shaker style kitchen? Paradise Kitchens will borrow traditional components and unite them with contemporary components to create an interesting and timeless transitional Shaker-style kitchen for you.

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Traditional Shaker Style Kitchens

Traditional kitchens can use Shaker style because it’s a clean design. Bevelled edge will assist keeping the look more traditional for the benchtop and island, as will a lighter wooden paint colour or finish particularly, with a distressed cabinet glaze. To add a traditional feel to your Shaker kitchen cabinets, opt for antique or eclectic drawers and door hardware.

Are you thinking of designing a great looking traditional kitchen integrating elements of Shaker style? Paradise Kitchens can build aesthetically pleasing and functional kitchen designs using elements from both, traditional and shaker style kitchen.

Timber Shaker Style Kitchens

The spirit of a timber Shaker kitchen depends on the quality of the timber and functionality of the cabinetry. The type of cabinetry you choose will make an impact on your timber frame kitchen – starting from traditional and rustic to contemporary and modern, there’s a cabinet style to suit any kitchen design. With a simple frame and a refined open profile, Shaker-style can look completely traditional or ultra-modern. Besides, you can add feature units like dressers, cornices and plinths, as well as, double shaker kitchen door cupboards to complete the style.

Do you want to build a stunning timber Shaker style kitchen? Paradise Kitchens can help build timber Shaker style kitchen of your dreams that will be visually gratifying and highly functional using the best, timber has to offer.

Classic White Shaker Style Kitchens

A classic white shaker style kitchen is timeless; they look as magnificent today as they did decades ago and will continue to look awesome for years to come. As they don’t have too many complex details or colour schemes, so they can be effortlessly modified to fit Shaker or any other style. As far as classic kitchens are concerned, white kitchen cabinets are just brilliant; however, you’ll spot occasional classic kitchen with neutral and wood cabinetry as well.

White shaker kitchen cabinets are the perfect base for a classic kitchen regardless of whether you choose a warmer, cream-coloured shade or a bright, pure white. White shaker style cabinets are very versatile and can be matched with just about any design component.

Are you dreaming of renovating your kitchen in classic white Shaker-style? Paradise Kitchens can assist you in building a classic white kitchen integrating Shaker style to achieve an ageless look that not only offers a visual delight but also the convenience, comfort and functionality of the modern-day.

Advantages of Shaker Kitchen

Dress It Up or Keep It Plain – You Decide!

You can keep it simple just like the original designers aimed for or dress it up with different accessories to build the kitchen of your dreams. Components like fluted columns, mantels and corbels can produce a more ornamental and provincial feel.

  • Handles & Knobs: There is no lack of choice when it comes to handles and knobs. Besides, colour contrasting shell handles or metal knobs are in the trend. You can easily make a style statement with refined handles and knobs.
  • Benchtop: Well, you can select marble or Caesarstone having light colours like snow white, off white, pearl white, ivory, cream etc. and complete the look with an island marble benchtop with an attractive edge profile.
  • Splashback: You can pick pure or snow-white marble splashback that has black or grey lines in it that run through for getting the ultimate elegance. Moreover, you can select light colours for cabinetry that gels with your glass or DIY aluminium splashback and benchtop.


The Shaker kitchen is very flexible – you can use varied finishes and per your choice, it can create an altogether different style. For instance, a white kitchen with two packs of shaker doors in a satin finish.

Timeless Design

A design becomes ‘timeless’ solely because of simplicity or minimalism. For instance, just think of a black dress, which you’ll find in every leading designer’s collection. Well, it’s the same with shaker style kitchens that exemplify the phrase “timeless classic” in our business, over any other kitchen design.

Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets & Doors

Shaker style cabinets feature a 5-piece door along with a recessed centre panel. Original Shaker kitchen cabinets are very simple and have a clean look. However, some modern variants of Shaker cabinet come with decorative edge detailing. Shaker cabinet’s drawer fronts vary per the kitchen style – 5-piece drawer fronts are hot favourites for transitional kitchen designs whereas, slab drawer fronts are often picked for modern designs. Shaker kitchen cabinets are greatly desired style of cabinet doors.

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