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02 Feb

Engineered Stone Benchtops – Why Choose Them & What Are Its Properties?

The engineered stone benchtop is a man-made product, which is one of the preferred benchtop materials for major Australian homes. They contain around 95% natural quartz and about 5% of resin for a sturdy grip. The core element in engineered stone benchtop is quartz, which is one of the strongest natural minerals. These days, engineered stone benchtops are recognised by many names such as reconstituted stone benchtops, quartz stone benchtops or composite stone benchtops.

Engineered stone benchtops have maintained its place in the market for more than a decade and that’s why they are commonly used in the form of… Read More

09 Jan

Why Should You Choose Custom Made Kitchens?

These days, uniqueness is one of the biggest design trends that are defining Australian kitchens. While we obviously want durability, quality and the best value for money in our kitchen designs, we are also on a chase for individualism and personalization.
Therefore, more people are opting for custom made kitchens that can transform your average looking kitchen into a stunning looking kitchen. In fact, there are many benefits of custom made kitchens such as stylish cabinets, personalised benchtops, varied textured splashbacks and more.

Here are some of the important things to consider while planning to incorporate a custom made kitchen… Read More

15 Nov

3 Top Tips for Instant Kitchen Renovation before Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, do you have enough time to go for a kitchen renovation? Well, you have an option of going for an instant kitchen face lift. Here, we will show you some tried and tested kitchen renovation tips that are easy and quick. You can apply one or more of these tips per your convenience and lend your kitchen the much-needed fresh and new look right before Christmas.
1. Install a New Splashback
A neatly installed backsplash can at once transform your kitchen and provide it with a more modish and classier look and feel. When… Read More

24 Oct

Pros & Cons: 5 Types of Kitchen Flooring Materials

Do you want a kitchen renovation with hassle-free work, high-durability, and worth your money? Upgrading your kitchen flooring option is an ideal way to get it. These days, most of the flooring options are designed with durability and low maintenance. And when it comes to selecting a flooring material is far more complicated than just finding the best-looking product.
There are several factors that can greatly influence your decision such as – costs, durability, moisture, and much more. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot get an ideal flooring material for your kitchen. Follow the given below details on types of… Read More

29 Aug

7 Tips on Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen

We all hate waiting, especially when we are in a restaurant and waiting for delicious BBQ to be served. But, why there is a need to visit a restaurant if you can have your delicious BBQ at your home? For several people, an outdoor kitchen is a symbol of entertaining luxury. And in Australia, the outdoor lifestyle is signified with BBQs, outdoor dining, & night parties.

Whether you are thinking of a sizzling BBQ setup or a rustic outdoor pizza oven, adding an outdoor kitchen can add up value to your home. In fact, an outdoor kitchen should be as… Read More

14 Jul

Tuxedo Kitchen Design Is In Trend!

Thinking of a small kitchen renovation or upgrading your kitchen? Now is the perfect time to commence your research as with each New Year come the fresh and trend-in concept of kitchen designs. A successful kitchen design should concentrate on a thoughtful layout, employ good ergonomics, feature durable finishes and incorporate reputable products.
One of the distinct designs in kitchen trends prevailing is “tuxedo kitchen design”. Versatility is perfectly suitable to the tuxedo trend as the design consist all the key elements as depicting its beauty like the timeless style, monochromatic colour-blocking, and universal appeal.

It’s probably the tasty way… Read More

28 Jun

10 Bathroom Renovating Blunders That You Should Avoid

Our understanding of a modest bathroom has become quite exaggerated. It’s no longer just a place to get clean but we want something more, a safe place where we can shut the door on the daily routine to enjoy and revitalise. We certainly don’t want to spend a lot of money, time and hassle on our dream bathroom just to realise a few months down the track that it’s not keeping up to its word. Following are the ten bathroom renovating blunders that you should avoid.

1. Spending more than actually planned for
What begins as a trivial makeover… Read More

26 May

How to Stay Away From a Low-Quality Kitchen

A good kitchen layout can assist you to get things done resourcefully but an inadequately designed kitchen can squander your time. If there is one room in your home where you need to get the design right then it is undeniably your kitchen!
If proper care and attention are not given at the time of designing the kitchen, even the most high-quality kitchen cabinets can radiate a cheap and nasty look. There are certain aspects that need to be kept in mind while designing your new kitchen. On the other hand, there are few things that relate to simple updates,… Read More

26 Apr

4 Ways to Pair Kitchen Splashbacks and Cabinets Effortlessly

You can make your kitchen come alive with amazing splashback, benchtop and cabinets through four different ways. They are as follows:

Let splashback take the centre stage of your kitchen
Allow benchtop to take the centre stage of your kitchen
Fuse and unify everything: kitchen splashback + benchtop + cabinets
Consult expert kitchen designer

Let’s get into the details of each method so you get a clear-cut insight.
Let Splashback Take the Centre Stage
You can try a feature splashback. You may have already noticed a bold splashback colour with an attention-grabbing design and fantastic material at the store near… Read More

13 Mar

Why Should You Check Out Kitchen Showrooms Before Kitchen Renovation?

If your kitchen is old enough and needs a new breeze of life then most likely kitchen renovation may be on your mind.

Find out why you should check out kitchen showrooms before kitchen renovation in 9 simple points mentioned underneath:

It would be ideal to visit some of the reputable kitchen showrooms first even before you consult any of the kitchen designers or contractors.
You’ll get various ideas concerning the latest kitchen designs and appliances when you visit these kitchen showrooms.
Request the kitchen showroom guys to provide you with the pictures and layout measurements of the kitchen designs… Read More