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7 Tips on Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen

We all hate waiting, especially when we are in a restaurant and waiting for delicious BBQ to be served. But, why there is a need to visit a restaurant if you can have your delicious BBQ at your home? For several people, an outdoor kitchen is a symbol of entertaining luxury. And in Australia, the outdoor lifestyle is signified with BBQs, outdoor dining, & night parties.


Whether you are thinking of a sizzling BBQ setup or a rustic outdoor pizza oven, adding an outdoor kitchen can add up value to your home. In fact, an outdoor kitchen should be as functional as an indoor one.

Hence, when you reach the planning phase, make sure to consider certain important things for your kitchen. In fact, make a note of how you’ll use the space, what is the location, where you want to add your outdoor appliances, etc. to make it best. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to create a beautiful outdoor kitchen.

Make your budget

There are so many options you can include on the list when planning an outdoor kitchen. Essentials like – BBQs, grills, fire pits, sofas, bars with refrigerator & many more things. For all this, you need a good amount of budget on standby. So before moving forward, decide exactly how much can you spend on your outdoor kitchen & its essentials to get the best results.

Where is it needed to be Set Up?

It is true that an outdoor kitchen is an extension of your indoor living space. Hence, we can call location as the key factor when it comes to planning. Make sure the water source is closer to the sink so that you can easily get on with it. If you don’t want to invite unnecessary hassles in your way, consider placing the grill & other kitchen essentials near to the entrance of the indoor kitchen. This will help you travel less!

Don’t forget to consider the overall traffic flow in your backyard to maintain the safety of your family when deciding a suitable location for your outdoor kitchen.

Design the Layout

No doubt, location is one of the important aspects to consider, but kitchen layout is no less! It’s important to think about kitchen design rules when creating an outdoor kitchen. If compared to the indoor kitchen design, it has kitchen doors, walls, windows, kitchen cabinets & other essentials but it’s not the case with the outdoor kitchen. It has its own rules.


Outdoor kitchen needs certain extra considerations such as – layout that support varied kitchen essentials. A layout that can easily indulge built-in refrigerator, wine cooler, ice makers, smokers & grillers in to a perfectly shaped kitchen is all that you need.

Don’t Forget the Aesthetics!

After counting on location, perfect layout, what next? How can we forget the aesthetics? We all love to spend our time to a place, which is beautiful and warm. Apply the similar concept here, while planning your outdoor kitchen. Make sure to maintain the effortless flow between the indoor & the outdoor living space, so that you can enjoy the ambience created by you.

Get attractive furniture such as sofas, bar table, & beautiful chairs. In fact, place enchanting plants & candles to enhance the view of your outdoor kitchen.

What Appliances do you Need?

When you’re planning a layout of your outdoor kitchen, it is a perfect time to decide, which appliances you want to have in your kitchen. In fact, there is a huge range of outdoor kitchen appliances you can go with. But, it’s your duty to recognise the appliance, which is going to be helpful to you while cooking.

Here is the list of outdoor kitchen appliances you can think of:

  • BBQ – An appliance that is mostly observed in all outdoor kitchens. It is used for cooking live food.
  • Built-In Refrigerator – It is another famous choice in the list. You can store your water bottles, soda bottles, juice cans, & beers everything to a single location. Installing it helps to avoid constant in-&-out of the home. 
  • Ice Makers – If you think you might need lots of ice, go for adding an ice maker in the list. If you don’t want to invest in a separate ice maker, you can use the refrigerator as the alternative.           

What Furniture do you Need?

An outdoor sink is an essential element of the furniture that should be built in your kitchen. It helps with the food preparation process & enhances with the luxurious touch. Well, an outdoor kitchen is not only built to cook but it can be a great place to socialize. You can consider placing a bar table or beautiful dining table with chairs to enhance your outdoor kitchen. In fact, plan a comfortable seating area for you & your family.

Select Attractive Lights

Brighten up your outdoor kitchen space by using attractive lights. For the evening or the night hours, lightings will help to enhance the ambience around. You can also match up the design of your outdoor kitchen with different types of lights. Add lights above the BBQ, kitchen sink, or grill so that the cooking process becomes easy. While, over the seating area, installing varied lights would work really well.

Hence, it all boils down to have a beautiful yet functional outdoor kitchen in the home. The kitchen layout should be attractive & comfortable that can quickly become a focal point of your outdoor space. Involve each and every ingredient that is stated-above to get the best dish to taste!