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Bathroom Vanities Sydney

Create the perfect look with your vanity…

Are you looking to create more storage space inside your bathroom without disturbing your interior design? At Paradise Kitchens, we provide the most exhaustive range of bathroom storage solutions in Sydney. From graceful traditional designs to modern styles, we have an extensive range of the finest bathroom vanities in Sydney that includes wall hung vanity and floor mounted vanity of top brands like Rossto and OStar (OS). Additionally, we can custom make your bathroom vanity in Sydney to suit your personal preference and taste. Our range of elegant and resourceful bathroom vanities, bathroom cabinets and furniture is certain to facilitate you to add the final touch to your bathroom.

Various Types of Bathroom Vanity and Cabinets in Sydney

Wall Hung Vanity Online

Wall Hung Vanity

With a wall hung vanity cabinet, you will be able to use the available space cleverly and gain extra storage space. This kind of bathroom vanity units is perfect for small and compact bathrooms and you will find a variety of beautiful wall hung bathroom vanity units in distinctive designs, styles and finishes to complement your bathroom decor at Paradise Kitchens.

Inspired by modern European and Australian designers, a wall-hung vanity is the latest design in bathroom fixtures. These striking wall-hung vanities are elegant and aesthetically pleasing with their modest looks, they’re innovative solutions for bathrooms having less space. At Paradise Kitchens, you can also buy trendy wall hung bathroom vanities online.

Free Standing Vanity

Free Standing Vanity

A freestanding vanity unit will provide you with adequate storage space and at the same time will keep your clutter hidden. That’s why freestanding vanity cabinets are considered as a smart bathroom fixture yet modern and stylish. Furthermore, a freestanding vanity can be easily customised to fit your bathroom space and decor.

A semi recessed freestanding vanity is also an option to consider; it comes with moulded top and overhangs the counter slightly. In this type of bathroom vanity, the basin bowl stretches past the front of the cabinet providing a full-size bowl and the tap landing is very close to the person using the basin, so it will be very helpful especially for children.

Paradise Kitchens stock a range of attractive and durable freestanding vanities including semi recessed freestanding vanities. You can also buy these elegant freestanding bathroom vanities online at affordable prices only at Paradise Kitchens.

Shaving Cabinets

Shaving Cabinets

Paradise Kitchens supplies a range of shaving cabinets that include 1-door, 3-door, poly frame, bevel edge and pencil edge. Keep your bathroom clean with a roomy and modish shaving cabinet. From conventional and graceful designs to the recent minimalistic designs, you can choose from a wide range of shaving cabinets.

Glass Door Vanity

Glass Door Vanity

Glass door vanity units do three things for your bathroom viz. (1) they hide your personal accessories in the secret storage; (2) they add modishness and an enigmatic aura to your bathroom and (3) glass is very effective in making your small and compact bathrooms appear roomier. Modernise the bathroom space with glass vanity cabinets or create the illusion of space in your small and compact bathroom with our array of choicest glass bathroom vanities. Choose from Paradise Kitchens huge range of durable and classy glass-door vanity units and make your bathroom livelier.

Double Sink

Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

A double bathroom vanity comes with two sinks and it is popular with couples as it facilitates each to have his/her own sink. A brilliant range of double sink vanity cabinets is available at Paradise Kitchens in varied designs and colours to balance your bathroom decor. At Paradise Kitchens, you will find double sink vanity cabinets for sale only of top brands such as Rossto and OS vanities.

Remember, a double bathroom vanity need adequate space, as they are larger than most of the single bathroom vanity units, so ensure you have the required space in your bathroom for installing a double sink vanity unit.

Off-The-Shelf & Custom Made Vanity Units

Custom Made Bathroom Vanities by Paradise Kitchens

At Paradise Kitchens, we supply off-the-shelf bathroom vanities as well as make customised bathroom vanities in Sydney. Choices abound when you’re looking to purchase a bathroom vanity. You can right away buy an off-the-shelf bathroom vanity or you can customise your bathroom vanity as per your personal preference and liking.

When you buy an off-the-shelf vanity, you precisely know what you’re getting. When you don’t have enough time, it is favourable to choose an off-the-shelf vanity as they are normally in stock and affordable. However, if you want to customise your bathroom vanity, a custom bathroom vanity may be an excellent option for you.

The right bathroom vanity unit can change the whole look, feel and design of your bathroom. Whether you are renovating, updating or part of a new build adventure it pays to take some time to really think about the type of vanity unit and custom bathroom cabinets you need and which will work best for you.


What design have you followed throughout the rest of your home? If your home has a country feel, stick with warm tones with wooden laminated cupboards and shelving. Look for a minimalist look with chrome and plain colours and patterns for a modern home or urban apartment.


Bathrooms are usually small and some have quirky sizes. Rather than choose and off the shelf vanity unit, in these instances it can pay to look at custom made vanities. They are not as expensive as you think and can create space in even the smallest of bathrooms.


Think about what you have to spend and work back from there. Budget spent at the planning and custom design phase can often pay dividends. There is nothing worse than paying for a bathroom vanity unit only to have it not quite fit and be stuck with it for years.

Paradise Kitchens have an awesome range of bathroom design ideas, bathroom cabinets and bathroom vanities in Sydney that cater to any sized bathroom! Browse a range of style designs such as glass doors, no handles, double bowl drawers, wall hung, classic and contemporary. We can cater for all your needs and our sizing starts from 400mm up to 1500mm.

If you like what you see online but can’t find the right size, it’s ok! We can custom make your perfect bathroom and bathroom vanity in Sydney. Our experts will work with you to ensure you have the perfect bathroom for your budget, lifestyle and home.

Check out the full range at our online store or call and talk to one of our consultants who will help you create that one off piece to ensure that your bathroom stands out from the rest. Just think of the possibilities. We will tailor your bathroom vanities to your individual needs and cater for any size. Our team are only too happy to discuss your custom needs.

Your bathroom should be a place of design happiness and a sanctuary to relax and unwind. Let Paradise Kitchens create a calming, relaxing place in your home, which your whole family can enjoy.