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Custom Made Kitchens In Sydney

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Innovative Kitchen Design

Paradise Kitchens located in Wetherill Park, NSW specialize in truly Custom Built Kitchens. Our custom built kitchens come in a variety of styles, colors and woods. Customers can find a unique range of kitchens built by Paradise Kitchens, with different shapes and sizes that would suit to customer's house. These kitchens are built with fine materials and quality finishing is done.

Every Custom built Kitchens are unique in its design; its creation process differs for each individual household. For many homeowners, custom-made kitchens are a life long dream. The kitchen is the hub of a home’s energy and custom made kitchens can reflect the style and personality of their owners. Many people spend years dreaming and planning their kitchens down to the smallest detail, and they should, for the home truly is a refuge from the strife of the outside world

For others, custom made kitchens are not just a dream, they are an obsession. These are the customers who end up coming to Paradise Kitchens because they will be satisfied with nothing less than the best of the best. Those who dream of the perfect kitchen will require the top designers in the industry and that is exactly what Paradise Kitchens offers. Paradise Kitchens has built a strong business and it is being recommended by existing customers, repeated orders from architects, builders and interior designers.

Manufactured On Site

Our custom made kitchens are manufactured at our manufacturing plant based in the heart of Wetherill Park, Sydney with the state of the art machinery we specialise in all types of Laminated, Vacuum form, Polyurethane and Solid timber kitchens with laminated, Granite and Quartz benchtops.

Our kitchens are constructed with 16mm solid backs, solid sides, metal drawer runners and metal German made hinges. Upgrades are welcome like soft close drawers, soft close doors, pull out baskets, down lights, glass doors, glass shelves, plate racks and so on.

We have over 15 custom made kitchens on display in our Kitchen showroom located near you at 70 Hassall Street Wetherill Park, Sydney.

Installed Or DIY

You can have your new kitchen installed by one of our expert professional contractor including installation, electrical or plumbing. Or you can choose to install it yourself by going down the (Do-It-Yourself) path.

10 Tips to Have a Great Kitchen

You might have got a lot of tips on how to redesign your kitchen. But how many are actually efficient and doable? Read through the following points to know more about how to save time and money when it comes to kitchen designing.

01. Research well

Do a lot of research before actually mapping out a plan for your kitchen. There are a number of lifestyle books and magazines to help you guide through the latest designs and looks. In fact, if you have any idea that you have seen in someone's place might also be a good idea to replicate.

02. Don't forget the blueprint

Take a blueprint of the existing plumbing and electrical points. The plug points for the electric appliances would be difficult to change. Renovating around the current layout is the best idea to create a cheap yet effective redesigning

03. What's important?

Every kitchen has some regular storage parts and some other sections where you store the not-so-important things. What you invest in getting the drawers done will get the repaid through the maximized storage capacity that you get in return. Be it a large open kitchen or small compact ones, storage capacity needs to be excellent for keeping your thing is order and clean.

04. Go in for the right look

Overhead storage gives a very compact and handy look. It will also make your kitchen look larger. However, it is advisable to keep the heavy appliances under the bench for storage while the everyday utensils can be maintained in the overhead drawers.

05. Convert free spaces

It is also a good idea to turn the open bench space into a preparation area where you can arrange for light dinners. Also, you can chat, watch TV or just relax while doing the kitchen job.

06. Go the green way

Going green is the best possible way to save energy. Make sure you buy the most energy-saving appliances. This will save your electric bills as well as save the energy. A number of smart kitchen appliances are available nowadays designed with the best technical features while saving the energy.

07. Have enough dishwasher space

Dishwasher space is essential and makes sure you have more than just one of them while designing the kitchen. This also adds to the resale value. For space constraint apartments, a dish drawer with underneath drawer can be helpful

08. What color do your prefer?

Choosing the right color for your kitchen is important. For small spaces, use the lighter shades of color while, for the open kitchen space, bold colors add to the look. Neutral palette colors can be used at certain areas of the kitchen.

09. Get the right accessories

Practical and simple accessories add to the usability of the kitchen design. From tea towel holders to cutlery holders, you should have dedicated space for easy accessibility.

10. It's always good to be creative!

Bring your plans to us and let us create your design in 3D view so you can really see what your kitchen would look like.

Shaker Style Kitchen Manufacturers in Sydney

A Shaker style kitchen has a clean, minimalist design with modest or no adornment, and most of the Shaker kitchen cabinets are made out of wood and dovetail joints. Paradise Kitchens is the manufacturer of Shaker style kitchens and cabinets in Sydney. We offer Shaker kitchen in a variety of styles to match your distinctive preferences, so you can choose from Scandinavian, Industrial, Cottage or Modern style Shaker Kitchen.

Whether it’s a traditional or modern kitchen, Shaker style kitchens will suit any kitchen design and they are timeless. Minimalism, convenience and classiness are fundamental to the lasting success of Shaker style kitchen cabinets and you would generally connect with these fabulous looking cabinetry works. For renovation projects, Shaker style kitchens were always considered as a great choice and they will certainly carry on their legacy into the future. With such a persuasive philosophy of discreet quality-craftsmanship and minimalist style, it’s no wonder that Shaker-inspired units have become a core of modern kitchens.

What's Your Kitchen Style

  • Contemporary

    This kitchen is all about clean lines and minimalistic designs. Cabinetry and appliances are placed to be integrated into the overall design of the kitchen to create a ‘hidden’ effect and the illusion of space. Open space and neutral colours are key within a contemporary kitchen which is usually completed with a caesarstone benchtop. While white never goes out of style, a bold contemporary kitchen will be coloured in black.

  • Traditional

    A traditional kitchen is all about warmth and comfort. This is created through a use of colours with red, orange and yellow hues, reflected through a tiled splashback or timber benchtop. Metal materials are avoided to remove any harsh appeal from the room, usually replaced by warm wooden floors. Soft lighting helps to round out the welcoming feeling that is associated with a traditional kitchen.