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Hafele Kitchen Products

Hafele is a prominent brand specialising in furniture fittings, hardware, and electronic locking systems. With a strong experience spreading over 90 years, Hafele has established itself as a leader in providing progressive and high-quality solutions for residential and commercial spaces. The brand is better known for its vast range of products, including hinges, sliding door fittings, drawer systems, kitchen accessories, lighting solutions, and more.


Hafele Appliances

Paradise Kitchens offers a diverse range of kitchen appliances to make your cooking chores easy. We offer Hafele’s appliances, such as wall ovens, multifunction ovens, freestanding ovens and oven-cooktop combinations, that cater to various cooking needs.

Hafele provides stylish and efficient ventilation in the kitchen through their cutting-edge appliances, such as gas and induction cooktops, as well as canopy and built-in range hoods—Discover Hafele’s innovative range of kitchen appliances for a seamless cooking experience.

Hafele Sinks

Hafele provides functional and stylish sinks for all types of kitchens. Hafele gives prominence to design and quality, so they deliver functionality and aesthetics to every kitchen space. Whether you’re looking for single or double-bowl sinks, Hafele provides durable solutions for different needs.

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Hafele Bins

Hafele offers practical and efficient waste management solutions while maximising space. Choose from Hafele’s various bin collections, such as Samba, Hailo Trio, Hailo Tandem, Hailo Jumbo, and more. Hafele’s innovative design and quality craftsmanship lends their pull-out bins convenience, durability, and seamless integration into any kitchen layout.

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