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Modern Kitchens Sydney

Modern kitchen design and practicality go together! When opting for modern kitchen design, Sydney homeowners want a kitchen renovation service that hears to their requirements. At Paradise Kitchens, we make sure to listen to our clients and understand their needs thoroughly. It helps us to build a new kitchen or renovate an existing kitchen per our client’s unique requirements.

Regardless of the lifestyle or budget, we focus on creating a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen for all our esteemed clients. With over 30 years of experience, Paradise Kitchens provide modern kitchen designs and renovation service with custom cabinetry solutions in Sydney. Our modern kitchen designs are known for its efficiency, spaciousness, sleekness and elegance.

Modern Kitchen Designs and Renovations in Sydney

Paradise Kitchens offers an array of ultra-modern and contemporary kitchen design styles, which include the following:

Small Modern Kitchen

Our small modern kitchen renovation or new construct recommendation include smart under benchtop cabinets for optimal storage, corner cabinets to make intelligent use of corner space maximising storage. White or light colours for splashback and walls are perfect because light colours often make a smaller room appear spacious. Benchtop with black granite or quartz engineered stones are easy to maintain. Besides, black colour serves as the perfect contrast to light colours all around the space, making space elegant and refined.

Call us on (02) 9757 4400 or obtain a Kitchen Quote to build a small modern kitchen to suit your needs.

Luxury Modern Kitchen Design

At Paradise Kitchens, we specialise in transforming a kitchen into a luxurious space. In the process, we use premium materials for cabinetry, benchtop, splashback, and integrate modern technologies and kitchen appliances along with the right lighting and impressive interior design.

If you need a luxury modern kitchen for your house or office? Call us (02) 9757 4400 or obtain a Kitchen Quote today!

Modern Black and White Kitchen

Black and white colours make a brave visual statement in any kitchen design style of your choice. Whether modern, contemporary or classic style, the black and white kitchen is timeless, and won’t get dated. Modern black and white kitchen is the right choice for those Sydney homeowners who don’t want to change the look of their home every two or three years.

Are you looking for a modern black and white kitchen design specialist? Just call on (02) 9757 4400 or book a free consultation with Paradise Kitchens.

Modern Shaker Style Kitchen

Shaker style can adapt to any kitchen whether it is classic, traditional or contemporary style maintaining a modern edge. Shaker style makes the entire kitchen space stylish, and the white colour makes everything neat and tidy. Besides, many homes in Sydney are a perfect match to adorn the Shaker-style Kitchen.

Do you want to build a modern shaker style kitchen of your dreams? Just call us on (02) 9757 4400 or get a Kitchen Quote here.

Modern Country Kitchen

The country-style instantly makes you feel at home, and it is a kitchen style that everyone in the family will love. Our expert team at Paradise Kitchens can build a highly functional kitchen with the aesthetics of traditional country life. Though the country style is ageless, it has a few modern features that make country style kitchens relevant in modern times.

Visit our showroom or call us on (02) 9757 4400 to discuss your needs for modern country kitchen design or renovation! You can fill out our kitchen quote form to make a kitchen enquiry.

Modern Industrial Kitchen

Modern industrial style kitchens often constructed with stainless steel or concrete surfaces and blended with timber grain or neutral tone finishes for cabinetry. Flat-panel square edge doors go well with industrial style kitchens. Colours and finishes that match industrial style kitchens comprise dark timber grains in matt, satin, organic and timber grain finishes. Besides, using black elements through joinery, furniture, taps and lighting features help complete the industrial look.

Do you want to design or renovate a modern industrial kitchen? Just call us on (02) 9757 4400 or get a kitchen quote online!

Polyurethane Kitchens

Polyurethane kitchens provide a limitless palette of colours to choose from, allowing you to select the colour that perfectly matches your home decor. Besides, polyurethane kitchens offer an array of finishes that includes gloss, matt and satin. With composite and stone modern kitchen benchtops, they look magnificent. Cleaning the surface of polyurethane is easy, which offers you a low maintenance kitchen.

Do you want to build a modern polyurethane kitchen? Just call us on (02) 9757 4400 or get a kitchen quote today!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens en-kindle images of provincial materials and delightful, retro appliances, but the best blend that laid back, country feel with modern sensibilities. There are no set rules for colour options for a modern farmhouse kitchen, but a thriving palette seen in many spaces blends natural wood, as well as, black and white tones.

Do you want to make your kitchen look like a farmhouse? Call Paradise Kitchens on (02) 9757 4400 or obtain a free kitchen quote to send your requirements.

Grey and White Modern Kitchen

The right combination of grey and white colours can bestow a modern kitchen with a rich and refined look. For instance, select designer white splashback or subway tiles for kitchen walls. And blend it with grey or black stone or timber benchtop. Choose a grey shade for under the benchtop kitchen cabinets and white for kitchen cupboards and wall cabinets. Finally, complete the look with brass or golden tapware and lighting fixtures.

Do you want to design or renovate your modern kitchen in grey and white to produce a sterile look? Then, get a kitchen quote or call us on (02) 9757 4400 today!

Modern Timber Kitchens

Timber kitchens have been around for many years, and they are still highly desired, as it renders a warm, refreshing country feel to any home. Besides, timber kitchens are highly durable and lasting, and they can be more detailed, offering a beautiful traditional ambience. Timber kitchens bestow ageless and graceful design features, so they are regarded as a luxury kitchen.

Do you need stylish and modern timber kitchen design or renovation? Call us on (02) 9757 4400 or get a kitchen quote now now!

Modern Galley Kitchen

Modern galley kitchens typically have a small passageway in between two parallel walls. These two parallel walls have kitchen cabinets and benchtops. Thus, modern galley kitchen facilitates effortless multitasking and alleviates accessing different sections of the kitchen without moving around too much. If you want a minimalist kitchen or have limited space, then a modern galley kitchen is for you.

If you are looking for modern galley kitchen design or renovation, then call us on (02) 9757 4400 or book a free consultation with our professional team.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

If you want to create a visually-appealing space for food preparation, then a mid-century modern kitchen is a classic style, bang up-to-date, defined by clean lines and a dash of warmth. Thanks to the use of wood along with a splash of colour or graphic design.

Do you need a stunning mid-century modern kitchen in your budget? Just call us on (02) 9757 4400 now!

Modern Outdoor Kitchen

A modern outdoor kitchen is a brilliant concept for a home located in the city or the suburb. Using stainless steel in your outdoor kitchen can create a professional look and offers you with all the required appliances you require for cooking outside in cooler evenings. Besides, stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean, and it provides you with an industrial look and feel.

Are you looking for a specialist for modern outdoor kitchen design or renovation? Just call us on (02) 9757 4400 or book a free consultation with Paradise Kitchens.

Modern Rustic Kitchen

Regardless of where you live, in a city or suburb, you can build a modern rustic kitchen by infusing vital elements like using natural materials, a neutral palette and a worn/weathered feel.

Do you want to make a modern rustic kitchen of your choice? Call us on (02) 9757 4400 or get a kitchen quote today!

Modern Kitchens with Islands

In modern kitchens, islands provide added storage space and extra worktop space for food preparation. Besides, the island can serve as an extension for the dining space for morning breakfasts and evening coffees. A kitchen island is excellent for shaping spaces, such as partitioning the kitchen area in modern extensions that run into the front room. An island beautifully adorns the space and makes the modern kitchen visually delightful.

Do you want to build a stunning modern kitchen with an island to maximise your space? Just call on (02) 9757 4400 to discuss your kitchen design ideas with us or get a kitchen quote now!

Modern U Shaped Kitchen

A modern U shaped kitchen is one of the most flexible designs because it keeps everything within easy reach whether the area is compact or spacious. Modern U shaped kitchens planned with work-spaces on all three sides, and cabinets underneath, and one of the parallel sides lengthier than the other. If the area is spacious, then it would be very comfortable for 2 or 3 persons to work together in a modern U shaped kitchen.

Looking for a beautiful modern U shaped kitchen with handleless cabinetry? Call us on (02) 9757 4400 or get a free kitchen quote today!

Modern L Shaped Kitchen

A modern L shaped kitchen offers excellent design versatility, which is loved by the cooks because it reduces the walking time between the different kitchen sections. It helps create efficient and functional kitchen space with the refrigerator, sink and stove arranged in a 3-point work triangle. Visit our online store to buy the best quality kitchen and bathroom accessories & appliances.

Do you need to build a practical and desirable L shape kitchen in Sydney? Call us on (02) 9757 4400 or get a kitchen quote now!

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Maker

Paradise Kitchens is a professional modern kitchen cabinets maker in Sydney. With high-quality materials, state-of-the-art technology and innovative designs using modern equipment, we have been building, installing home kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and offices for over three decades. We combine functionality, durability and aesthetics to create modern kitchen cabinets. Apart from our standard modern kitchen cabinetry, we also design and make custom cabinets for modern and contemporary homes and offices in Sydney.

Looking for modern kitchen cabinets maker or custom furniture solutions for your home and office? Then, Call us at Paradise Kitchens on (02) 9757 4400 or contact us today!

Modern Kitchen Benchtops Supplier in Sydney

Paradise Kitchens offer laminate, granite and engineered quartz stone modern kitchen benchtops of the choicest brands at attractive prices. We can provide you with standard, as well as custom benchtop solutions for your home renovation or new construction. Beautiful and durable, granite and quartz stone kitchen benchtops facilitate Sydney homeowners to enjoy their kitchen to the fullest.

Modern Kitchen Design Consultation

Do you need a modern kitchen design consultation?