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Scullery Kitchen Vs Butler’s Pantry – How They Differ?

We often receive this question during the kitchen design process. Having a scullery or butler’s pantry in a modern home design has become essential for those who love entertaining. Many homeowners need help deciding which room to choose between a scullery and a butler’s pantry. Both rooms similarly store dishes and food items, facilitate washing and cleaning dishes, etc. Here, we’ll reveal the significant differences between the two and which suits your kitchen best.

Scullery Kitchen

Scullery Kitchen

A scullery is a small kitchen or room located at the back of your house wherein washing and cleaning dishes and other dirty household work is performed. It helps your primary kitchen to stay in pristine condition. 

Benefits of a Scullery Kitchen

  • The main benefit of a scullery room in the kitchen is that it lends a space wherein you can hide your dirty dishes and mess and keep your kitchen spotless as an entertaining hub for serving food and drinks. 
  • The scullery kitchen can increase the capacity of your kitchen to manage cooking for a gathering. It is excellent for entertaining and beneficial for the large or extended family if they come over for meals often.

Butler's Pantry Kitchen

The Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry is a small transitional room in the middle of the kitchen and dining area. Its primary intent is to serve as a storage and service room. The butler’s pantry often acts as a place for food and drink preparation. Alternatively, a walk-in pantry may have adequate storage for accommodating small appliances such as a microwave, kettle, and toaster and some bench space for food prep.

How Does Butler’s and Scullery Kitchen Differ?

Scullery kitchen facilitates washing and cleaning dishes and other things used in the kitchen. The butler’s kitchen offers space for food preparation and accommodates storage. So based on your needs, you must choose between the butler’s pantry or the scullery. We recommend taking the help of a professional kitchen designer to plan your space wisely.

Can You Place Your Fridge In A Scullery Or A Butler’s Kitchen?

Technically, placing a fridge in a scullery or a butler’s kitchen won’t help, as both will not facilitate easy access for family members. However, some homeowners will have a fridge in the kitchen and a separate small fridge in the scullery. Here, the fridge in the kitchen acts as the primary working fridge that will have all the food and drinks for everyday living. And the fridge in the scullery will be used for placing drinks and food platters when entertaining.

Walk-In Pantry And Butler’s Kitchen – How They Differ?

Although a butler’s kitchen and a walk-in pantry are identical, they differ in intent and function. A butler’s pantry will contain some kitchen functionality, such as a purpose-built area to use a microwave, oven, coffee machine or an added sink near the benchtop for food preparation. A walk-in pantry facilitates storage for only dry goods.

The Bottom Line

If you’re designing your new home or undertaking a kitchen renovation, Contact our professional kitchen designer on 02 9757 4400 or get a quote to get recommendations for designing your kitchen and to know whether a butler’s pantry or scullery kitchen will suit your needs better.