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8 Best Bathroom Tapware Brands in Australia

Bathroom Tapware Brands

Bathroom tapware is more than just a functional element; it’s a statement of style and a reflection of personal taste. The right tapware can transform a mundane bathroom into a luxurious retreat, elevating the entire aesthetic of the space. In Australia, where design and quality are paramount, selecting the best tapware brand is crucial. It’s not just about the water flow; it’s about the experience, the touch, and the harmony it brings to your daily rituals. 

The tapware industry has become fiercely competitive globally, with numerous established and emerging brands. The abundance of options for high-quality bathroom taps and mixers can be overwhelming. This guide highlights the importance of choosing tapware that performs efficiently and balances your bathroom’s design language, ensuring a perfect blend of form and function. Enter the domain of high-quality tapware and make an informed decision that resonates with your lifestyle and decor preferences.


Dorf’s commitment to innovation is unwavering. We lead the way in developing new technologies, unveiling elegant designs, and refining our offerings. Our product range, including Dorf tapware, shower mixers, and wall-top assemblies, is designed to make a bold statement with its sleek, minimalist aesthetic. We stand behind our residential Dorf mixers, taps, and showers with a robust 20-year warranty, ensuring our range matches diverse tastes and budgets.


Since 1941, Caroma has been a household name in Australia, renowned for its minimalist yet reliable bathroom products. Our range includes Caroma bathroom tapware, shower mixers, basin mixers, and mixer taps, all reflecting our commitment to quality and design. With stringent standards and numerous awards, Caroma offers exceptional products, valuable insights, and bathroom design and renovation tips.


Methven, established in 1886, is celebrated for its exquisite and innovative basin and shower mixers. Renowned for award-winning designs, Methven Tapware offers daily sensory delights, combining the therapeutic power of water with a passion for design. Their commitment to R&D underpins their mission to enhance water experiences worldwide.


Step into the ecosphere of Aquaperla, where cutting-edge design meets unmatched quality in the art of bathroom luxury. Behold the stunning basin creations that transform your vanity into a statement piece and the impeccably designed taps that integrate effortlessly into contemporary decor. Aquaperla’s bath collections elevate the essence of sophistication in your oasis.


Enter into the legacy of Abey Australia, a name that’s been at the forefront of excellence and originality for over six decades. We’re proud to introduce to Australia the most extensive collection of basin taps, sink ware, and floor-mounted bath mixers, each piece a testament to the latest design and technological advancement.

Bad und küche

Bad und Küche, a leader in bathroom innovation in Australia, offers an extensive range of products, including bathroom mixer sets, shower mixers, swivel bath spouts, wall-top assemblies, and fixed bath spouts. Our collaboration with top designers ensures that modern, premium bathroom fixtures are delivered directly from the manufacturer to the customer, ensuring quality at great value.


Paradise Kitchens proudly presents an extensive collection of Oliveri bathroom essentials, a brand that stands tall among Australia’s elite. Originating from a modest factory in the suburbs in 1947, Oliveri has grown to set the benchmark in the industry. Our curated range includes the finest Oliveri sinks, basins, toilets, and showers, designed to meet your practical and design aspirations. Discover the superior craftsmanship of Oliveri with our range of bathroom mixers and floor-mounted bath mixers, promising enduring quality and style.


Discover Rossto’s affordable luxury in tapware and bathroom accessories, blending European elegance with superior craftsmanship. Our practical and stylish collection includes bathroom tap sets, shower sets, basin sets, bath sets, and wall-top assemblies. Complementing the tapware, Rossto also offers a variety of accessories such as toilet paper holders, glass shelves, soap dispensers, and more to enhance your bathroom experience.

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