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What You Need To Know About Shower Diverters?

Types of Shower Diverters

Few things in life are as relaxing and calming as a hot, warm shower. But do you know how the water reaches up to the showerhead? This is possible because of a plumbing part called a shower diverter. If you are thinking of a bathroom makeover and installing a shower-bath combo, you have landed on the right blog. An affordable way to save more money on bathroom tapware is by installing a shower diverter. They are much more convenient and offer various other benefits.

What is a Shower Diverter?

A Shower Diverter is a knob, lever, or handle right next to the shower mixer taps or on a bath spout, that enables you to redirect the water to come out. When you activate the shower diverter, the value will shut off one outlet and the water will be directed to another outlet. In this way, it is easy to redirect the flow of water.

Types of Shower Diverter Valves

Do you want more than two outlets in your shower bath combo? Do you want a bath spout, a hand shower, and a showerhead? It’s so simple. There are various different types of wall shower mixers with diverter valves that can fulfill all your bathroom shower requirements. There are four different types of shower diverters:

Four-valve Diverter

With a four-valve diverter, water can be redirected to 4 different outlets like bath spout, shower head, rain shower head, and hand shower. Water can come out of one outlet or from any two outlets at the same time.

Three-valve Diverter

These are usually found when there are different knobs for hot water and cold water. When you adjust the right combination of hot and cold water, you can simply turn the third handle clockwise to send the water to the showerhead.

Two-valve Diverter

This diverter is usually found with a single-handle faucet. The larger handle will simply control the temperature while the smaller one will control the direction of the water.

Single-valve or T-diverter

A single valve or T diverter is one of the most common types of diverter. When the handle pulls straight up from the tub faucet it’s a T diverter. When the handle is pushed down, the water flow opens to the tub spout.

Benefits of Shower Diverters

  • Easy to operate
  • You just need a single mixer tap for the bath and shower.
  • You can safely set the water temperature as it directly comes out of the spout and then is redirected to the shower.
  • Water can be directed to three different outlets with a 3-valve diverter.
  • Water can be directed to four different outlets with a 4-valve diverter.

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The Difference Between Wall Mixer and Diverter

Wall Mixer

A wall mixer is a single unit that is simply fitted on the wall. It has a common spout attached to the cold and hot water supplying knobs together. This allows you to draw water from both sources i.e. hot and cold and merge it into one single flow. Hence mixed water comes out of a single spout.

Wall Diverter

Wall diverter functional units get sealed inside the wall and only spout, overhead shower, and lever would be visible. Unlike the wall mixer, the knob and spout are different parts. Thus they look more space-efficient and compact. As every functional part of the diverter is concealed inside the wall, you will only see an aluminum sheet with a lever. This also depends upon the types of diverters and the different features it offer. This way the source of water flow can be controlled.

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