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Bathroom Renovation Checklist & Practical Guides

If you’re looking for a bathroom renovation guide, you have landed at the right place! After a decade or two, you’ll want to renovate your bathroom, as it will start looking exhausted and dated. So if you’re looking for some inspiration to get started on your bathroom renovation project, then this handy guide will help you achieve your intended purpose.

Essential Aspects of Bathroom Renovation

First of all, let’s touch on the essential aspects of every bathroom renovation or new build.

Bathroom Renovation Essential Aspects


You’ll need to allot a budget for your bathroom renovation project. The bathroom renovation cost will include the following aspects; accordingly, you can assign a budget.

  • The bathroom renovation plan design would include extending your bathroom space by breaking the wall and building it again (optional), flooring, tiling, painting, etc.
  • Plumbing and electrical work include installation of a new toilet set, bath, shower, and light fixtures.

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When you are ready with a bathroom renovation plan, fixtures of choice, and budget, a small bathroom renovation would take around four weeks. If there are any complexities involved, like breaking a wall, extending your bathroom space, etc., it could take more time. Accordingly, a mid-size bathroom will take around eight weeks or more. And a luxurious bathroom renovation can take about 12 weeks or more. Consider these estimates as a rough idea only – your renovation may get completed before these estimated dates, or it could extend depending on the complexities involved.

Bathroom Styles

Here are some bathroom styles that you can consider for your renovation project –

  • Compact yet deluxe en-suite
  • Retro bathroom with en-suite renovation
  • Farmhouse style bathroom
  • Luxurious open-plan en-suite and bedroom

Bathroom Layout

Choose a design style based on the floor layout of your bathroom. Accordingly, choose all the essential bathroom fixtures, including bathroom basin, toilet set, shower, and vanity. Once these bathroom fixtures get installed, see how much space is still there; and accordingly, you can add a freestanding bath and heated towel racks, and you’ll get the complete, fully functional bathroom of your dreams.


Today, you will get a vast selection of bathroom tiles on the market; however, you need to be cautious while selecting tiles for your bathroom renovation; consider the below vital tips:

  • Make sure the floor tiles are slip-resistant.
  • Choose tiles that can pull the onlooker’s attention.
  • Add accent features such as choose a middle wall and adorn it with a different coloured tile pattern – it could be bright or hush, but ensure it complements the rest of your bathroom and home decor.
  • If your bathroom is large, choose a large tile pattern.
  • Stick to one or two colour combinations all through your bathroom, but avoid using too many different colours.


Depending on the available bathroom space, you can install a shower or shower bath. If you have enough area for a freestanding spa bath, go for it, as it will lend a luxurious feel to your bathroom and upgrade your bathing experience to the next level.


See if the storage you get inside your vanity is sufficient; if not, you can build separate storage space in the corner to keep your extra set of bathing towels, toiletries, and other stuff. It will be an extension of your bathroom vanity storage and will help keep your vanity up-to-date.

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role and can enhance your bathroom interior significantly. For instance, you can provide lights to your washbasin, toilet, and bath area. So you will have lighting in the space you need, and you will get adequate lighting in different areas of your bathroom.

If you only had single lighting at one place, then you may not get sufficient light in different spaces in your bathroom. Besides, you can install an LED strip or light bar above the mirror in your washbasin and vanity area. Lighting makes your bathroom come alive!

Smart Tech

These days, while renovating bathrooms and other indoor spaces, most designers recommend investing in Smart Tech. Smart-home technology allows you to control the temperature, entertainment settings, and lighting of your bathroom seamlessly. When you use bathroom fittings powered by the newest technology, you can enjoy a comfortable and seamless bathing experience.

Essential Bathroom Fixtures:

Here are the essential bathroom fixtures that you will need to complete your bathroom renovation!

Bathroom Fittings Products


Today, you’ll find bathtubs in diverse styles such as rectangular bathtubs, corner bathtubs, compact bathtubs, and freestanding bathtubs. At Paradise Kitchens, you’ll see an array of bathtubs and spa baths for sale in diverse styles, designs and colours; and our range starts from $79 onward. Choose the bathtub as per the design of your bathroom layout and your preference. Bathtubs can make your bathroom cosy and safe to use, as well as enhance the overall look.


Toilets you’ll find in various designs and styles, including back-to-wall toilets, wall-faced toilets,
close-coupled toilets, and wall-hung toilets. If your bathroom has restricted space, opt for a compact toilet, which will fit in less space comfortably. However, make sure the design of the toilet set you choose goes with the overall design of your bathroom. At Paradise Kitchens, our stunning range of toilet sets start from as low as $24 onward.

Bathroom Tapware

Beautiful and functional taps grace your bathroom interior, and they are practical bathroom accessories. Taps and spouts are available in diverse designs and styles to suit your bathroom. At Taps and More – a division of Paradise Kitchens, you’ll find the perfect tapware for your modern or traditional bathroom. Our impressive bathroom tapware range starts from $10 onward.

Showers Screens

Install a stunning shower screen in your bathroom and make your bathroom cosy and refined. Choose between a framed, semi-framed, frameless shower screen or a simple bath screen. At Paradise Kitchens, we have stylish frameless shower screens and bath screens that can seamlessly upgrade your bath space, and our range starts from $136 onward.


The washbasin is yet another practical and beautiful bathroom accessory that every bathroom requires. Basins are available in diverse designs, styles, and sizes. Choose the size and design of the washbasin that suits your bathroom space flawlessly. At Paradise Kitchens, we have a range of stylish and functional washbasins including, under-counter basins, pedestal washbasins, wall-mounted basins, vanity tops, semi-recessed basins, counter basins, etc. And our range starts from $77 onward.

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