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Ideas for Bathroom Renovation on a Tight Budget

A bathroom is in fact very simple to refurbish even on a tight budget. It is not so complicated to make modifications to fully renovate your bathroom for a fresh new look and feel. In case you have shifted to your new house and want to decorate your bathroom or you want to give a fresh new look to your existing bathroom; in both cases, you can do it in a cost-effective way.

Enumerated here below are some ideas to fully renovate your bathroom on a tight budget:

Shower Curtain

Shower Screens

You can invest in buying a decent shower curtain that matches with the bathroom interiors or if the shower curtain is the first thing that you buy, you can have it as the base for completing the rest of the bathroom renovation.

Using Paint

Instead of wallpaper, you should use paint. Due to the humidity in the bathroom, wallpaper will become weak and come out. You need to select a gloss paint which will stand up nicely in the wet conditions saving your hard earned money in the future.

Installing Mirror in the Bathroom

mirrors & shaving cabinets

Is your bathroom having a mirror? If not, it would be just great to install one and get it framed with wainscoting that you can find it in home improvement stores, generally as unfinished. After creating a frame for the mirror, you can paint it with the colour of your choice so that it matches with the bathroom interiors.

Changing Switch Plates & Outlet Covers

For a few dollars, you can easily change the switch plates and outlet covers, and they can certainly make a huge difference in the room.

Decorating Cabinet inside Bathroom Space

In case you have an unattractive cabinet, you can buy cost-effective fabric, combine Velcro to one of its side and make a skirting of sorts that will cover the cabinet and create a new look for the room.

Installing the Latest Tapware

Vanity Mixer Tap

Examine the existing tapware. If they are outdated or not functioning correctly, maybe it’s time to change them by installing the latest designed tapware.

Installing Towel Shelf or Heated Towel Rails

You can also install towel bar or towel shelf or glass shelf or heated towel rails, which will truly augment the overall look of your bathroom. And when you get heated towel rail installed, you can have warm towel after every bath.

Other Bathroom Products & Accessories

There are many other bathroom products and accessories that you can fit in your bathroom space to enhance the functionality as well as aesthetics such as soap dish, towel ring, toilet brush and holder, paper holder, soap dispenser and holder, single hook or double hook, tumbler holder, dust bin and so forth.

Renewing Bathroom Flooring

Another great way to offer an awesome look to your bathroom is through updating the existing flooring. Certainly, tiles are cost-effective way and when they are installed fittingly, it’s pleasing to the eye.

Potpourri for Spreading Fragrance

To make your bathroom more aromatic, you can buy Potpourri, which is an affordable alternative that renews its fragrance when your bathroom warms up from baths or showers.

Live Plant or Artificial Plant

Additionally, your bathroom can be smartened up with greenery. Suppose you have a window, it would be fantastic to add a live plant. In case there is no window, still you can buy economical artificial plants that can be placed on the cabinet tops.

Installing Energy Efficient Lights

Finally, buy energy efficient lights and replace the older light bulbs. This would give a splendid look as well as regularly save money on your future energy bills.