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7 Practical Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Spring Season!

Spring Kitchen Remodelling

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, then spring is one of the most favourable times of the year to carry out the renovation. We have knitted some inspirational modern kitchen renovation ideas, which you can go through below. And if you like them, you can implement one, two, or all of the ideas into your kitchen renovation project.

Choose an Ageless Kitchen Design

Typically, an average Aussie homeowner undertakes kitchen renovation once or twice in their lifespan. It is not prudent to renovate the kitchen or the entire home just to keep up with the changing trends, as the renovation is pricey. So what you can do is choose an ageless kitchen design having adorable looks that never gets dated though it does not conform to the changing design trends.

An ageless kitchen design based on the following principles:

  • Choose white or any other light neutral colour as the base, which will serve as the canvas for the rest of the kitchen interiors.

  • Select hardwood kitchen flooring, as it provides warmth and comfort, making the room more welcoming. Besides, hardwood flooring suits diverse kitchen styles from traditional, rustic and Scandinavian to contemporary and ultra-modern, and more.

  • Opt simple and minimal cabinets that function as smart storage. Modest and neat cabinets will remain in style eternally. Besides, you’ll fall in love with the kitchen cabinetry even more if it provides space-saving features.

Colour Your Kitchen

Accent colours are often bright or bold, and you should use them in the kitchen sparingly to emphasise the contrast or create rhythm. Accent colours are indeed a smart upgrade to do! You can give a splash of bright and bold to a kitchen with neutral colours, but ensure to keep it to a minimum.

Change Your Kitchen Countertops

Changing your exhausted kitchen benchtop will enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. With use and time, your kitchen countertop would have taken a beating from spills, water accrual, hot pans and nicks. If they look tired or worn or not made from one of the durable materials, then in most likelihood, you may need an upgrade.

  • Kitchen countertops have revived over the years, and now they are more robust, durable and available in diverse styles at cost-effective prices. Some durable kitchen countertop materials include granite, engineered quartz stone, concrete, stainless steel and marble.

  • If you want durable material at an affordable price point, go for concrete or stainless steel. If you’re comfortable spending more, we recommend granite or engineered quartz stone benchtop material, as they are strong, lasts longer and require minimal maintenance.

Superior quality kitchen countertops can withstand stains, dents and scratches, so they are easy to maintain. Choose textured, bright or bold benchtop material and make them the focal point of your kitchen. If you want other areas of your kitchen to stand out, select neutral materials.

Open Up or Extend Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you like the idea of open shelving, then you can experiment with it, and here you can store your wine glasses, plates or spices. If you have decent vacant space between your upper standard-sized cabinets and the ceiling, you can upgrade them to tall kitchen cabinets during the renovation.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Sink

Changing your kitchen sink and accessories can enhance the ambience of your space. Change your single bowl sink into a double bowl or triple bowl, provided you have enough space to accommodate. Update your sink taps with pull out spray sink mixer taps, available in chrome, matte, brushed stainless steel, and more options – choose the one that suits your kitchen style and interiors. If you have a kitchen island or butler’s pantry, add a second sink to it to increase the functionality.

Pendant Lights

Add one or two colourful pendant lights, and they will infuse style and personality into your kitchen. You can experiment with cheerful designs of light fixtures.

Fresh Spring Accents

If your kitchen has a window, you can plant some flowering plants on the outer space in such a way that when they grow, you can see those plants and flowers on them from the kitchen. And in spring, you can enjoy nature’s beauty from within your kitchen. We hope the above kitchen design ideas will inspire and help you to complete your kitchen renovation project in style!

If you want professional help for your kitchen renovation project in Sydney, call the experts, Paradise Kitchens, on 02 9757 4400 or get a kitchen quote online, and we will be delighted to help you.

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