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Should You Have A Kitchen Island With Seating Arrangement?

Kitchen Island Seats

A kitchen island is a beautiful place that serves as an informal dining space. An island increases your kitchen benchtop and storage space, enhancing your kitchen’s functionality and making it visually appealing. Seating arrangements along with your kitchen island will increase the practicality.

Here are some ways to make the best use of your kitchen island with seating arrangement:

Creates Additional Place To Have Meals

A kitchen island with seating facilitates a quick breakfast in the morning when you don’t have enough time and are in a hurry. When you’ve guests, you may need more than your dining table seats to seat them, so your kitchen island seats can come to the rescue here.

You Can Guide Your Child With Homework

A seating arrangement with a kitchen island facilitates your child to study in your presence. And you can easily guide your child to complete homework.

Enhances Socialisation

When you host a family get-together or party, it will increase your seating space. It can create more space for people to gather around while completing some last-minute meal preparation, allowing you to be productive and socialise simultaneously. Even adding two seats in a small kitchen will significantly help with entertaining.

Additional Food Preparation Space

A kitchen island can serve as an additional food preparation space where you can complete the cutting and chopping chores by comfortably sitting on a stool or chair. So a kitchen island seat allows you to complete your chores in a relaxed manner.

Some Other Benefits Of Kitchen Island:

Additional Storage

The kitchen island facilitates adding storage cabinets underneath, providing additional storage space for your kitchen. You can design your kitchen island with drawers, pull-out shelves and cabinets. It is an extension of your kitchen cabinets and storage so that you can get as creative as possible.

Adding a Sink to the Large Kitchen Island

You can install a sink on one side of your large kitchen island. If your kitchen already has a sink, this will act as an alternate kitchen sink, which will increase the overall practicality of your kitchen.

The Bottom Line

A kitchen island offers more bench space and storage options, so you’re only limited by your imagination as to how you should use the additional space. Various islands are accessible, including oversized, small and movable islands. Furthermore, there are different shaped islands that you can integrate with your space, for instance, round or t-shaped, that best suits your kitchen layout. Adding seating arrangements to your kitchen island is beneficial in many ways. Kitchen islands with seats provide a place to have meals and allow people to gather together, work, and even entertain guests.

If you need help with kitchen design and renovation or require assistance with adding a new kitchen island with seating, contact Paradise Kitchens at 02 9757 4400 or get a quote online, and one of our expert teams will be happy to assist you.

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