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Kitchen Island Bench or Breakfast Bar: What’s Best for You?

Irrespective of whether you want to accomplish a contemporary, transitional or traditional kitchen renovation project, you may have thought of adding a kitchen breakfast bar or island bench. Before you choose, it is vital to know how they serve the purpose.

Kitchen Breakfast Bar

Kitchen Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar adds counter space to a kitchen but has a higher height than kitchen counters. The breakfast bar is fixed to an existing kitchen countertop or wall and equipped with chairs or stools and features three usable sides. The kitchen breakfast bar is best suited for narrow kitchens and transitional areas between kitchens.

Kitchen Breakfast Bar – Vital Characteristics:

  • The kitchen breakfast bar is the perfect choice for small kitchens in apartments because it saves space and provides excellent practicality. The kitchen breakfast bar mounts onto one of the kitchen walls and is customisable to suit any kitchen regardless of the size or design of the space.

  • People having a fast-paced lifestyle will benefit from a kitchen breakfast bar, as they don’t have enough time to sit down and dine at a dining table. Using a kitchen breakfast bar can help you to save more space in your home to entertain and relax.

  • In places, particularly apartments, where a dining table is not an option, a kitchen breakfast bar is a brilliant alternative, as it facilitates access to prepare food and dine at the bench by adding two or three kitchen bench stools or compact chairs.

  • A kitchen breakfast bar will help you to make changes in the future easily than an island bench.

  • When compared with the kitchen island bench, the kitchen breakfast bar is a cost-effective option and needs less space and customisation.

The Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Bench

The kitchen island bench is a freestanding counter commonly placed in the centre of a kitchen. It can work as an extra counter and help in meal preparation. Besides, you can install an additional kitchen appliance or anything that can enhance the functionality in the kitchen. Some homeowners add sinks or stovetops to kitchen islands, and others prefer to leave them as is. Moreover, a kitchen island can accommodate handy storage space. The kitchen island is best suited for square kitchens.

Kitchen Island – Vital Characteristics:

  • With custom woodwork, you can include pull-out pantries, cupboards, regular conventional drawers, and dishwashers inside the island bench.

  • An island bench space can serve as a second dining table when required.

  • Island benches are perfect for U-shaped kitchens because they open up space, offering enough space to move around on all four sides of the island bench.

  • It is beneficial for large families as it offers an open path for footfalls compared to the kitchen breakfast bench that is fixed to the wall.

  • Moreover, you can consider using a wheeled island bench if worried about space. Wheeled island benches can be easily moved around to suit your requirements and can double as workspaces.

Combination of Kitchen Island & Breakfast Bar!

A spilt kitchen island will provide you with the perfect height of 36 inches in the counter area, meant for workspace use. And the other side raised counter area of up to 42 inches wherein bar stools or chairs will easily slide under, used for dining and entertaining.

The Bottom Line

It is essential to have a clear-cut idea about the design of your kitchen renovation project! A kitchen renovation project calls for considering multiple things, such as the layout and the size of your kitchen, and the functionality you require to match your lifestyle.


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