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7 Perfect Baths or Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

The bathroom is a space to freshen up every morning, relax, and revive yourself after a long, hectic day at work. Do you have a small bathroom and think you can’t add a bathtub to enjoy the plush bathing experience? This blog will uncover the best baths or bathtubs for small bathrooms spaces.

Shower Bathtubs

If you’re looking for an efficient daily cleansing, nothing comes close to a shower bath. A shower bath efficiently delivers the water, which helps you to complete your bath and get ready for work quickly. And once you’re back from a long day at work, a shower bath helps you to revive, so you’re ready for your evening chores at home. The best part is they don’t take up much space, so they are perfect for a small or compact bathroom, and they are quite an affordable bathroom fixture.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding baths remain a separate bathroom fixture—a small freestanding bath help in saving space and works as a statement piece. The most significant advantage a freestanding tub gives is the freedom to place it where you want to suit the design of your bathroom. Freestanding bathtubs are best-suited for contemporary bathrooms where an ultra-sleek or distinctive design is required to complete the bathroom.

Claw Feet Baths

Clawfoot Bathtubs

Claw feet baths are for those who love the vintage style. They are ageless, elegant pieces that can provide a classic bathroom look and are ideal for a small or compact bathroom. Select shower heads and accessories that blend with claw feet baths seamlessly when creating a shower bath combo with this option.

Back To Wall Baths

A back-to-wall tub is a bathtub that joins to one wall in your bathroom, leaving space on either side that you can use. You can put cabinets or shelves or plants and optimise the available space. In this way, you can enhance the visual appeal of your small or compact bathroom.

Combined Bath and Shower

Shower Bathtubs

Installing a shower bath is the best option for a small or compact bathroom with premium space, and homeowners want a bath and shower. Bath and shower screens are available in trendier options today than they once were, so you can consider this for your small or compact bathroom.

Compact Baths

Placing a compact bath is best if your bathroom can’t accommodate a full bath. A compact bath has a shorter length, so you can easily place it into a smaller and narrower space. You’ll get steeper edges in a compact bath, creating added depth for an indulgent bathing experience comparable to a standard full-sized bath.

Round Bathtub

A round bathtub has a distinctive style and looks different from the commonly available oval or rectangular bathtubs. A round bathtub allows you to create a unique and elegant bathroom space. A round, small bathtub will free up the surrounding space in your bathroom. Furthermore, round bathtubs will not have sharp corners or edges, so they are safer for those with kids.

Final Words

Voila, baths or bathtubs are best suited for a small or compact bathroom. You can select any of those mentioned above for your bathroom renovation to enjoy the best bathing experience.

Paradise Kitchens stocks a diverse range of baths or bathtubs for small bathrooms of the choicest brands, such as Abey, Oliveri and Stylus. If you need help selecting the bathtub for your small bathroom, contact Paradise Kitchens at 02 9757 4400, and our expert team will be happy to assist you.