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Anatomy of the Bathroom

A bathroom is perhaps the most overrated place on a house. Let us examine how. On an average, a person hardly spends more than fifteen minutes (unless one is not hard-pressed for time and money) in bathroom, yet he or she spends a fortune on it.

On one end, there are simple bathrooms with just a shower, a basin, a toilet seat and few taps – enough to complete your daily ablutions. On the other hand, there are bathrooms bigger than bedrooms with all the trappings of wealth, including costliest sanitary ware, tiles, marble/granite, plumbing system, spa, Jacuzzi etc, not to say much of television, music system and toiletries.

This is not to say why one should not indulge oneself with something very private. One has every right to spend according to his or her taste. The point is that too much lavishness on bathrooms borders on conspicuous consumption.  Moreover, water is a precious commodity. Every drop counts. Luxury bathrooms waste a lot of fresh water and perhaps you don’t want to feel guilty about it.

The purpose of the bathroom is to cleanse oneself and an ideal bathroom should fall somewhere in between the above two extremes. In this age of customization, everything is available according to one’s taste and budget.  If you wish, you can have a stylish bathroom without spending a too much. You can have toilet, bathtub, basin bowl, and even a spa. If space permits, you can have a bathroom vanity and frameless shower screens fitted in one corner. As for tap ware, there are many options in water saving taps and showerheads in brands such as Stylus, M Multiform, Rossto and Caroma.

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