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6 Popular Kitchen Layout Options for Your Home

Kitchen Layouts

Not sure which kitchen layout to select for your small or luxury kitchen design style? Well, we have listed out six popular kitchen design layout options so that you can choose the one that best suits your home and meets your family’s requirements. Let’s get started right away.

U-Shaped Kitchen

U-Shaped kitchens provide adequate storage and workspace. This layout has three walls and one area for entry. For the successful implementation of this layout, you’ll need to maintain a 1500mm gap between your surface areas, which will allow you to move around effortlessly and use appliances without any obstacles. This layout will also suit larger kitchen areas.

Highly Desirable Feature: Excellent benchtop and storage space. Ideal for medium to larger kitchen spaces.

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L-Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen design layout effortlessly maximises the use of corner space. Besides, the L-shaped design facilitates incorporating all three workstations. It doesn’t entertain cross-traffic as it is tucked away in a corner space.

Highly Desirable Feature: No foot traffic. Perfect for small to medium kitchen spaces.

Kitchen Island

An island can effortlessly add extra work surface and storage to your kitchen; however, every home may not have space and clearance for a kitchen island. Besides, it opens up space and lets natural light flow through. A functional island can hold kitchen appliances and cabinets for storage, and it can also serve as a spontaneous breakfast bar or dining table. The kitchen island highly sought after for open plan living, as the design can help eliminate a wall and open up the air around the kitchen floor.

Highly Desirable Feature: kitchen Island layouts are multipurpose and versatile.

One Wall Kitchen

The one wall kitchen layout is also known as a single wall kitchen, a highly desirable design, especially where space is at a premium; extensively used in studio flats because it manages space efficiently. All three vital workstations are organised in a single line, leaving little spaces between each workstation. One wall kitchens make optimal use of horizontal and vertical space. This layout allows you to place your refrigerator on one end and sink on the other end, and place the stove or cooktop in the centre. It’s a brilliant idea to use stainless steel splashback so light can reflect upon, making the small area spacious. Besides, you can use an island if space permits so that it looks like the galley kitchen.

Highly Desirable Feature: Amazingly compact and requires less clearance.

Peninsula Kitchen

Peninsula kitchen layout is also known as a G-shaped kitchen and attached to an island benchtop. As this island blends to the rest of the benchtop, you can access it from three different sides. A peninsula kitchen provides all the advantages of an island kitchen and requires less space. You can use this freestanding space as kitchen benchtop, storage, or eating area. If you want to reap the benefits of an island kitchen but there does not have adequate space for it, then a peninsula kitchen design is a fantastic alternative.

Highly Desirable Feature: Needs less space than an island kitchen.

Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen design layout is also popularly known as a parallel kitchen, as it features two parallel walls opposite each other and a galley or walkway in between. Galley kitchens are excellent for small and compact homes. Besides, they can provide more cabinet space compared to a single wall kitchen. If you can make a provision for a window instead of a splashback, it will effortlessly open up space inside your kitchen.

Highly Desirable Feature: Galley kitchen layout offers excellent storage and benchtop space.

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Final Words

Well, choosing the best kitchen design layout for your home depends on many factors that include the size and shape of your kitchen area.

Do you need help selecting the best kitchen layout for your home? Right away speak to one of our expert kitchen designers on 02 9757 4400 or get a kitchen quote today, who will work with you closely to uncover the kitchen design layout that best suits your home and your family’s requirements.