11 Aug

Handy Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Benchtop

Are you looking for installing new kitchen benchtop? Well, go through the below handy tips, which will help you to choose a kitchen benchtop that is right for you and your family.

Laminate has truly evolved in the last decade or so as it has a broad range of colours to offer and many alternatives in terms of textures, patterns and finishes. In a laminated benchtop, the joints are not as noticeable as they once were and so it can render an economical and smart solution.


For a kitchen benchtop, granite is one of the toughest materials… Read More

08 Sep

Kitchen Renovation Tips on a Budget by Wessam Issa

The living room was once the central space of the home where people used to spend a lot of time once they’re at home, performing either chitchat with family members or watching television together. However, the trend has seen a change over the recent years, with cooking channels airing various shows on the television that enable to make different types of delicious recipes; people are now accommodating dining space and a small wall-mounted LED television inside the kitchen area. The cooking shows certainly help to cook different kinds of food. Thereafter, the entire family relish the meals together.

As per… Read More

29 Jun

What is a Better Choice – Modular Kitchen or Custom Made Kitchen?

When you want to design your brand new kitchen in your new home or if kitchen renovation is on your mind, you’ll be probably contemplating as to whether “I need a modular kitchen or custom made kitchen”.
To help you with your decision, we have tried to bring out the differences between a modular kitchen and custom made kitchen. Read on to find out what is a better choice for your home.
Modular Kitchen versus Custom Made Kitchen

Modular kitchen is certainly a good choice, but there is also this fact that it may not precisely fit in within your… Read More

22 Oct

Laminate Benchtops – Stylish Yet Affordable

Laminate benchtops are low cost alternative to your kitchen benchtop solutions that are not only environmentally friendly but also stylish. These days, laminate benchtops are in great demand because of their affordability and low maintenance requirements.
Why is laminate benchtops so popular and in demand?
Adhering to the norms of the lamination procedure, laminate is manufactured by blending together various layers of materials to make a tough, static and insulating end product. These layers normally comprise a bigger part of reprocessed fibres – an attribute which is popular among today’s intelligent buyers.

Installing laminate is simple
Unlike marble or granite,… Read More

21 Aug

Why should I install Caesarstone rather than marble or granite for my kitchen benchtop?

About Caesarstone
Engineered stone is known as Caesarstone, which is also the brand name of the large range of engineered stone products. It’s completely man-made product. It’s made by grinding quartz or stone and then it is blended with resins or other additive – which facilitates to render colour, quality, style, design and looks – so that it can be made to look like a marble or granite. The main advantage of Caesarstone is that you can have engineered stone in numerous designs, colours and styles which you won’t find in a typical marble or granite for your kitchen benchtop.… Read More

18 Aug

Caesarstone Or Granite – Which One Should I Install for My Kitchen Benchtop?

Traditionally, Granite was considered as the premium choice and was used in temples, church altar and also in the homes as kitchen benchtops. Nonetheless, marble was also used as an alternative to Granite for the same type of installations. However, Granite was regarded as the finest, strong and most durable stone during earlier times before the invention of Caesarstone.
Before Caesarstone flooded the markets, Granite was the premium choice of customers for installing in their homes, offices and places of worship. Once Caesarstone was brought in, there are undoubtedly more choices with the customers for choosing the premium stone. Caesarstone… Read More

19 Jul

Kitchen Benchtop is a Major Consideration in Your Kitchen Renovation

While renovating your kitchen, the most crucial thing that will stand out is undoubtedly your kitchen benchtop. The things that need to be considered while reconstructing your kitchen benchtop can be described as below:
Look out for Edges and Joins in Your Kitchen Benchtop
While designing your kitchen benchtop, you need to be wary about the edges and joins that will be coming up when erecting your beautiful kitchen benchtop. Remember too many edges and joins will diminish the overall look of your benchtop and also would decrease its usability. So, it’s important that the edges and joins in your… Read More

25 Jun

The Significance of Marble in the Kitchens of Australia

A Close Perspective about Using Marble Benchtops
People often email me with the curiosity to know about how the marble installed in my home is enduring. I researched a lot on the Internet for convincing viewpoints and the perfect advice to be pretty sure that marble is the right choice for my renovated kitchen.
Nonetheless, companies and agencies selling kitchen installation products had a completely different viewpoint. They suggested me to go for something more durable and practical such as re-constituted stone that I had used previously and cherished. However, this time around I deeply longed to have marble installed… Read More

24 Mar

Why Install Glass Splashbacks for Kitchen & Bathroom Space

James figured out that in modern kitchen and bathroom, installing glass Splashbacks have indeed become the current trend and so he wants to make modifications to the kitchen and bathroom space using glass Splashback and colour pallets to create new and appealing look in his newly bought house.
James is well aware that glass Splashbacks offers a sleek and simple to clean surface. Additionally, there exists a huge range of colour choices in glass Splashbacks.
Glass Splashbacks are hugely popular these days simply because it requires low maintenance compared to tiles. Tiles normally have grout lines that pull dirt and… Read More

11 Mar

Checklist for Cooking, Clean-up & Dining Space for Your Kitchen Layout

When it comes to designing your kitchen space for its practical usefulness, you need to ask some specific questions to yourself.

Questions Relating to Cooking & Cleaning-Up

In your household, who is responsible for carrying out most of the cooking chores?
The person involved in the cooking chores is right-handed or left-handed?
What would be the height of the person who executes cooking tasks?
Does the person have any type of physical limitations which needs to be taken into account?
What is the cooking approach in your kitchen? Does one person cook alone all the time or take the help… Read More