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Why should I install Caesarstone rather than marble or granite for my kitchen benchtop?

About Caesarstone

Engineered stone is known as Caesarstone, which is also the brand name of the large range of engineered stone products. It’s completely man-made product. It’s made by grinding quartz or stone and then it is blended with resins or other additive – which facilitates to render colour, quality, style, design and looks – so that it can be made to look like a marble or granite. The main advantage of Caesarstone is that you can have engineered stone in numerous designs, colours and styles which you won’t find in a typical marble or granite for your kitchen benchtop.

As Caesarstone is made from quartz, it is even more robust and impact resistant compared to marble or granite stone. When flexed, Caesarstone is less likely to break compared to marble or granite benchtop. Additionally, water absorption rate for Caesarstone is 0.02, which is lower compared to granite’s and marble’s water absorption rate that stands at 0.33 and 0.55 respectively. Henceforth, Caesarstone is more tolerant to impact and stains compared to most types of marble and granite natural stones.

Know how to select the right Caesarstone for your Kitchen Benchtop

Since the launching of Caesarstone in the Australian markets way back in 2001, Caesarstone has greatly expanded its range of products. Today, kitchen renovators and designers have a wide array of choice that they can suggest to the home owners. Caesarstone is divided into 4 main categories.

Classico Range: Classico range is one of the earliest and well liked Caesarstone products. The colour selection for Classico is Jet Black, Ivory and Buttermilk. They look very consistent and have a patterned look.

Supremo Range: Supremo range is the most recent addition to the range of Caesarstone benchtops. Each supremo benchtop may vary from one piece to another somewhat similar to that of natural marble or granite. No two benchtop will look the same.

Motivo Range: Motivo range is specifically designed to suit tiles and splash backs. They are not the ideal one for kitchen benchtops though.

Concetto Range: Concetto is a sophisticated range that features semi-precious stones that are incised and joined to the surface of the benchtop slab. The colour choices are graceful Amethyst, bright Blue Agate and delicate Beige look. Concetto range is particularly made for upright surfaces like wall panels, kick boards and splash backs – and Caesarstone don’t recommend Concetto range for benchtops though.

Compare Quotes

It pays to shop around. So, do your research first and then get quotes from different outlets so that you can compare them and get the best deal. Additionally, remember to ask – if they have any special offer (price discounts) for any of their benchtop range, which will considerably lower the overall cost on expensive benchtop models. Sometimes, you may get a good deal – because certain companies give good discounts on their high end products – so you may get a premium benchtop at a discounted price.

If you are unsure what range will be ideal for your kitchen benchtops, you should consult your kitchen designer or renovator. If you feel that the range is quite expensive, don’t hesitate to ask for an alternative that is more affordable for you. Keep in mind – whatever you choose must match with your kitchen interiors first and secondly it should complement to your home interiors.