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When Renovating Kitchen – The Cost You Need To Consider For Mixer Taps?

One thing is quite ordinary among the mixer tapes, though they are not all the same; this precisely is what you need to think of while choosing the mixer taps for your beautiful kitchen, which will determine how much they are going to cost you.

Know About Mixer Taps

A tap with single handle that can effortlessly attune mixing both cold and hot water and able to control the flow frequency is a mixer tap that you probably need. The moment you begin to see around for the types of mixer-taps and start evaluating their prices, soon you will come to know that there exists a large array of taps with price starting around seventy dollars to four hundred dollars and up. You will start to think why there exist so much of price differences.

The price is affected by various elements such as these below listed ones –

  • The key factor is – according to the features that are available in a particular mixer tap, the price may vary, so if it has more features, it would cost more.
  • A product made of superior quality normally would cost more.
  • Designer brand generally are priced higher.

The cost you need to consider for mixer tapsWhen you go out to shop for getting a mixer tap for your lovely kitchen, you need to make sure that you get the right quality that has a very neat and functional design, and has the features that you require for performing your kitchen chores effortlessly.

Sometimes a low cost mixer tap would appear good in its look, though it may lack some essential features. Due to this factor, it’s worth paying a bit more to get the essential features that you are looking for. For instance, a mixer tap costing $79 might have an out of date seals compared to the one that is priced with an additional $30, which may get you more needed features and might be more durable having more smooth finish.

If you require a more refined looking superior mixer tap; for instance, the one that’s priced at $109 may have functional features, though it won’t have that refined and sophisticated look and feel. There are exclusions, but normally when you require a designer mixer-tap, you certainly have to shell out double the cost compared to the ordinary ones.

Normally, what happens is – a low cost (budgeted) tap being in demand, it’s manufactured in bulk and so bulk production makes it possible to keep the prices lower. On the contrary, a designer brand is not in very high demand and so they are made in small quantities and the quality used is much superior, which makes it pretty more expensive than the regular branded ones though it may have the same functionalities. The cost would depend on the brand and model you select. You can end up paying around $500 for a designer mixer-tap which may have similar basic features, which is also available in the $109 ordinary mixer-tap.

An extended spout you get with a very basic model, this would be very useful to perform daily chores. However, if you require a flexible or pull-out spout, you will need to shell out an additional $70 to $90 to get that special feature. In case, you need a more advanced mixer tap having a high pressure spray or just a hand-spray – certainly you will need to shell out an additional $200 or even more.

When it comes to buying that perfect mixer-tap for your new kitchen design, you need to make sure that you buy the right one. Even a low cost branded tapware comes with 5 or even 10 years of warrantee. However, make sure that you buy a mixer tap having a WELS rating of 3, but a 4 WELS rating is preferable when you want to save water. So, choose wisely.

Kindly Note: All the prices are just indicative to show you the difference between the mixer taps. Their price may vary depending upon the brand and model. You may just use them as a general guideline.