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Is an Undermount or Top Mount Sink Best for Your Kitchen Sink?

Choosing the right kitchen sink is a decision that can significantly impact both the functionality and aesthetics of your space. Among the critical choices you’ll need is whether to go with an undermount or top-mount sink. Each style offers unique advantages, and the decision ultimately depends on your needs, preferences, and budget. This blog will explore the differences between undermount and top-mount sinks, helping you determine which best fits your kitchen. 

Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast, a busy parent, or someone looking to enhance your kitchen’s visual appeal, we’ll provide valuable insights to guide your decision-making process. So, let’s dive in and discover which sink style will best complement your kitchen’s design and functionality.

Top-Mount Sinks 


⚫ Easy to Install: Installing top-mount sinks is user-friendly; anyone can measure and cut the hole using a jigsaw. While aesthetics matter less for the hole, ensuring it accommodates the sink’s lips on all edges of the bench is crucial.

⚫ Protection for Benchtop Edges: Stone benchtops can withstand wear and tear over time from the impact of cookware. Top-mount sinks with stainless steel edges provide added protection against potential damage.

⚫ Convenient Sink Replacement: Replacing standard-sized top-mount sinks is a straightforward task. Finding a new sink to fit an enlarged hole is effortless. In contrast, undermount sinks pose challenges when replacing due to size compatibility issues.

⚫ Minimal Residue Accumulation: With top-mount sinks, you have complete visibility and access to the sink’s edges, allowing easy cleaning and preventing hidden residue buildup.

⚫ Handle Pressed Sinks Steel Construction: Typically, top-mount sinks are made through a process involving stamped steel sheets, resulting in a durable but less visually appealing option with increased noise levels.

⚫ Top-Mount Sinks Offer Cost Savings: Top-mount sinks, also known as over-mount or drop-in sinks, provide easy installation and make them cost-effective.

Under-Mount Sinks


⚫ Elegance and Space Optimisation: Under-mount sinks offer a sleek and integrated appearance, harmonising seamlessly with the kitchen benchtop. Their ability to maximise countertop space makes them a preferred choice, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.

⚫ Careful Planning Essential for Under-Mount Sink Installation: Purchasing your chosen sink beforehand is crucial for installing an under-mount sink. That’s because your cabinet maker or carpenter will craft a suitable substrate to hold the sink securely. Your stone mason will require precise measurements of the sink bowl to ensure seamless integration with the surrounding stone.

⚫ Craftsmanship Dominates Under-Mount Sink Production:   Handcrafted stainless-steel sinks are typically constructed from thicker steel, and many under-mount sinks are now handcrafted, emphasising their quality and durability.

⚫ Unsuitable for Wooden or Laminated Benchtops: Under-mount sinks expose the edges of the benchtop to constant moisture, which can lead to damage over time. Therefore, wooden or laminated sinks are not recommended for under-mount sink installations.

Under-Mount vs. Top-Mount: Choosing the Right Sink Style

Selecting the ideal sink style should align with your lifestyle. Here are essential considerations for deciding on the sink style:

⚫ Simplifying Cleaning: Select a top-mount sink for swift kitchen chores and minimal maintenance. It is easy to maintain and eliminates concerns about joins (where the benchtop and sink meet) in under-mount sinks. Moreover, under-mount sinks demand regular cleaning, and you might have to re-silicone the joins to avert water from getting in over long periods.

⚫ Cleaning Pots & Pans: For those managing a bustling kitchen with frequent pot and pan cleaning, a top-mount sink is recommended. Its sturdy edges can withstand the knocks and potential chipping over time.

⚫  Enhancing Aesthetics: Installing an exquisite stone benchtop deserves to be showcased. An under-mount sink complements this purpose. However, an undermount sink necessitates extra care during installation, especially around the sink’s edges.

Final Thoughts

In the pursuit to create your ideal kitchen, the choice between an undermount or top mount sink is a significant one. We have seen that each style brings its distinct advantages to the table. So, the decision should align with your unique lifestyle, kitchen habits, and design preferences.

If you seek a sink that seamlessly integrates with your benchtop, offers a sleek and stylish look, and maximises your workspace, the undermount sink is likely the best choice. Its ability to provide a clean, unbroken line across your benchtop enhances visual appeal and simplifies cleanup and maintenance.

On the other hand, if you prioritise easy installation and durability against potential knocks and minimal alteration to your existing kitchen setup, the top-mount sink might be the preferred option. Its versatility and cost-effectiveness make it a practical choice for many kitchen configurations.

Ultimately, your decision should reflect your unique needs and the specific demands of your kitchen. Whether you desire the elegance of the undermount sink or the practicality of the top-mount sink, both styles can contribute to a beautiful and functional kitchen space.

Therefore, consider your daily chores, cleaning preferences, and design aspirations to confidently select the best sink style for your kitchen. Embrace the decision-making process, trust your instincts, and transform your kitchen into a culinary haven.

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