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Tips to Choose the Perfect Toilet Suite for Your Bathroom

Are you shopping for the perfect toilet suite for your new build or bathroom renovation? Probably, you might have seen photos of bathrooms and ensuites in magazines, on the Internet, or in a showroom, and you already know what style you want to achieve for your bathroom and toilet.

Is the one that you like the right one for your bathroom? If you’re building new from scratch, you can achieve the style you want. However, if you’re changing your existing toilet suite, the most cost-effective option is to change it with the same plumbing setup. And you should select a toilet suite with a higher water efficiency rating.

Which Toilet Suite Style & Brand You Should Choose?

Today, we have a superb range of toilets to select from, so as customers, you have the luxury of choice. Once you cultivate a habit of checking water efficiency ratings, you can make prudent choices.

Look if the toilet suite has a dual flush. If you’re building a new toilet from scratch, go for a concealed look, which is a hit among homeowners because of its clean lines and tidy looks. If you’re replacing your existing toilet, then inspect the current plumbing that’s in place and the type of trap your existing toilet suite has (trap is the curve in the toilet pipe that discharges the waste):

  • In a P-trap – the waste pipe emerges from the back of the toilet and goes straight to the wall.
  • In an S-trap – the waste pipe emerges from the back of the toilet suite and exits through the floor.
  • A skew pan is where the waste pipe prolongs either side of the toilet bowl.

Once familiar with the toilet pan and trap arrangement, you can select from the following toilet suite options:

  • Connector Toilet Suites: It offers a flexible installation process. The water tank is connected to the pan by a plastic flush pipe and connector plate.
  • The Concealed Toilet Cistern: The cistern (i.e. water tank) is concealed inside the wall cavity or sometimes in the cupboard or ceiling. It provides a futuristic look, and there is less to clean, perfect for small spaces.
  • Wall-faced Toilet Suites: The pan’s backside is level with the wall.
  • Close Coupled Toilets: The pan and water tank are connected, and the flush pipe is not noticeable.

When shopping for the perfect toilet suite for your home, choose one that is easy for you to keep clean. At Paradise Kitchens, we have an extensive range of toilet suites of the choicest brands, including Caroma, R.A.K., Oliveri, Stylus, Abey, Fowler, and OS.

Choose Your Toilet Suite Based On the Water Efficiency Star Ratings

The Australian government has laid down specific requirements for energy and water efficiency rating labels that new products need to satisfy. This specification helps to compare the running costs of new products. It aims to buy water and energy-efficient products, which help lower your carbon footprint and household bill. So look for a water efficiency rating label first when shopping for the perfect toilet suite. Water rating blue stars from 1 to 6 are assigned, so look for a blue rainbow shaped-band at the top that contains blue stars. More the blue stars, the more water-efficient it is. And you will see a water consumption box right in the centre of the label that indicates the litres of water it will use each time you flush it. As you look at different toilet suite models, check their water ratings.

How to Choose the Right Toilet Suite from Paradise Kitchen’s massive range?

Paradise Kitchens supplies superior quality products, the best brands, the best customer service, and quick delivery across Australia. Shop online from the comfort of your home or office or right where you are, from Paradise Kitchens web store, at any time convenient to you. At Paradise Kitchens, you can shop for toilet suites and other bath-ware products at the best prices in Australia.

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