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Re-Facing Your Kitchen Cabinets While Doing Renovation

The cabinet re-facing industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times. Kitchen cabinets can help cut down costs, increase space and help you organize things more easily. Why would you replace the entire cabinet if all that you need is to change the surface?

When re-facing your kitchen cabinet, you apply a cover of thin veneer on the exposed frames. The hinges, knobs, pulls, doors and drawer fronts are also replaced to be in sync with the veneer.

It saves a lot of money during your Kitchen RenovationPros and Cons

Firstly, it saves a lot of money during your small kitchen renovation. Cabinet Re-Facing costs hardly half as much as it does for replacing the cabinet. As it is a relatively uncomplicated exercise, it gets completed in less than a week. Also, it spares the hassles of tearing out cabinets. You may say it a considerably more sophisticated procedure. Besides, your kitchen is still usable while the cabinet is undergoing Re-Facing. It also contributes less to environment pollution as the waste generated is negligible.

The cons list is significantly shorter than the pros list. The Re-Facing process doesn’t change your kitchen design. If your initial design was unimpressive, it’d stay so after kitchen Re-Facing. Added to that there are chances that costly veneers will burn a hole in your pocket. Having said that, it all depends on the kind of veneer you choose. They are of two types: real wood or plastic laminate.

Options Galore

You’ll be spoilt for choice as you try and choose the finished look of your cabinet. You can choose from an array of veneers based on their colour, texture, patterns and all. Some of the options are listed below

RTF doors: Rigid Thermo Foil doors or RTF doors stand up to heavy abuse from children and pets. It is also easily cleanable. They feature a robust plastic covering over fibreboard making it an affordable and convenient alternative to wood.

Plastic laminates: They come in all colours and patterns. They are long lasting and water proof, unlike real wood. They are also pretty reasonably priced. You can take your pick according to your wish.

Real Wood: They include the wood from species such as oak, cherry and maple and provide a variety of stain colours at your disposal for you to choose from. They are the costliest of them all and also need to be taken care of as they are susceptible to moisture.

You need to keep in mind that Re-Facing is a viable and sensible option if the cabinet is structurally sound. In the case of water damage or structural damage, you need to go for a complete overhaul of your kitchen cabinet. The entire process will be taken care of by the installer once you convey the details.

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