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Plan Your Dream Kitchen like a Professional

The kitchen is the soul of the home and building the perfect kitchen can be a daunting task; however, by right planning, you can acquire your dream kitchen. The easier the procedure will be when you plan minutely every detail of your kitchen.

Do you want to design your kitchen like a professional then mentioned below are some steps that will help you:


The first thing is you need to know your budget and set a ceiling for total expenditure. Do you wish to have a kitchen that is highly functional as well as looks aesthetically beautiful and at the same time it is robust, hygienic and requires less of maintenance?

Suppose, it is your permanent home then consider spending that little bit more on acquiring quality materials such as drawer runners and hinges as you would want it to last longer.

If you’re in a particular real estate business and would be selling your home in a few years then accordingly budget your kitchen design & renovation; curtail on the overall cost and just give a nice look through quality finishing work. It is highly advised to place aside an additional 15% to 20% so that you can pay for hidden fees or unforeseen emergencies.

Your Dream KitchenSelect a Style for Your Dream Kitchen

In order to select that perfect style for your new kitchen, first, you need to have sufficient information pertaining to the different modern styles that are in trend. You can buy magazines pertaining to home and decor and also look through the different home and decor websites to get ideas for building your dream kitchen. This will help you to reflect on what you really like, require and want.

Plan Your Kitchen for Everyday Chores

How the kitchen will be used and who will be using it will assist in determining its layout. Below mentioned are some important questions for which you need to find answers:

  • What type of activities will be performed in your kitchen; for example, laundry work and kids doing their homework etc.?
  • How many times in a day will you perform the cooking chores?
  • Are you one of those who like to entertain and so require adequate bench space near the cooktop?
  • How many persons will sit in the kitchen at the same time?
  • How many persons will be using the kitchen area at the same time?

Arranging Appliances

Now that you have finalised few kitchen layout styles, you need to concentrate on the kitchen appliances. The number of appliances and their form will have an effect on your kitchen space, functionality and visual charm. Thus, it is vital to plan how often each of the appliances in your new kitchen will be used and the total space it will need. Then incorporate its existence and function in your plan. Certainly, you won’t require buying all of your appliances beforehand; however, you should inform yourself on how the appliances that you’ll use in your new kitchen really work. Speak to the retailers as well as manufacturers and ask them all the questions that you may have and get a clear cut idea about what you want.

A Provisional Substitute

A provisional substitute is a prerequisite if you’re going for a kitchen makeover. Typically, it will take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks to complete your kitchen makeover depending on the range of the work to be accomplished. So, make a cooking backup plan that matches your lifestyle, or consider substitute temporary housing for the period till your kitchen renovation is complete.

Choose a Contractor

Once you have done the planning and know exactly what you want in your new kitchen and are ready with your sketch for your new kitchen, you need to choose a contractor who will turn your ideas into reality by constructing your refurbished kitchen that will have new looks, functionality and space.

The kitchen is the most important part of your house as it is the centre of your home. Thus, it is imperative to take the planning procedure seriously; if you do, you’ll be happy with the final outcome.

Paradise Kitchen offers custom-made kitchen and ready-made kitchen choices; you can select the kitchen layout that suits your budget, functionality and style.