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Modular Kitchen Vs. Carpenter Kitchen: Which is Better?

Modular Kitchen

When designing a kitchen, homeowners have two choices – choose between a modular standard kitchen and a custom carpenter kitchen. With modular kitchens, you need to select from fixed standard sizes for kitchen benchtops and cabinetry or pre-assembled kitchen cabinets. Whereas in custom kitchens, you can build everything from cabinetry, shelves and benchtops to fit your kitchen space and suit your requirements.

Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchens are available in standard sizes and may not precisely fit your kitchen space. So you may have to choose the size that’s close to your kitchen space and use some filler pieces to cover the gaps. Modular or ready-made kitchens can be installed quickly with lower downtime and are the best option for budget-conscious homeowners.

Custom Carpenter Kitchens

Custom or carpenter kitchens are built to fit the space seamlessly, and there are no limitations on the cabinet height, width and depth. You can create a custom-designed kitchen precisely to suit your room and house your kitchen appliances and specific needs. Custom kitchens are pricier and require more time to complete (as they need to be built from scratch per the exact measurements). If you need to use every inch of your space and need a highly functional kitchen, then a custom carpenter kitchen is your best choice.

  • Depth: The depth of cabinet storage space under benchtops and pantries are also standard. When you build a custom kitchen, you can make the cupboards deeper for extra storage space or less deep to facilitate more open floor space and direct access to the contents.

  • Height: The benchtops, kickboards and wall cabinets all come in standard heights that you cannot change. 900mm is the standard height of benchtops in a modular kitchen.

  • Width: Modular cabinets are available in standard widths of 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm. You can customise the width to fit the space seamlessly in a custom kitchen.

Neighbouring Pieces

Whether you go for a modular or custom kitchen, the appropriate placing of parts is vital; for instance, a door that cannot open while a drawer remains open, and vice versa. To prevent this problem from occurring, you need to ensure while measuring what fits were for a smooth operation. In addition to the length, width and height, you should also consider the space for letting things open and close flawlessly. Overall, the main difference between a modular and custom kitchen is the adaptability in dimensions and surfaces that you can achieve.

Refrigerator Space

In a modular kitchen, the refrigerator sticks out from the rest of the kitchen furniture. You can conceal your refrigerator in a cabinet when building a custom kitchen. Some refrigerator brands will sit flush with the cabinets without sticking out.

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