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Latest Choices in Bathroom Vanities and Screens

Many consider bathroom as a place where you can be yourself and need not portray a different and social image of you. Hence, the time spent in the bathroom has to be comfortable and should aid in relieving a person of his stress and tension. There was a time when bathrooms were simple and devoid of any fancy items. However, with the changes in the lifestyle and broad availability of designer bathroom fittings, people have now woken up to the fact that bathroom vanity and other such smart accessories are indeed necessary in order to enhance the overall look of the bathroom. These are imperative to lend a sophisticated look to your bathrooms.

It is important to know what is new in the market in order to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages in the product. Research is necessary as the information can reveal a lot.

Shower Screens:

Shower ScreensThese products are available in a variety of glass shapes and sizes. Here are few of the interesting options:

  • Screens in tempered glass and safety glass.
  • Foldable screens for areas where space is a constraint.
  • Diamond shape screens.
  • Wall mounted screens.
  • Frameless screens.
  • Screens with frames.

The screens should adjust well within the bathroom and not cause obstruction in any manner and should fit into the existing bathroom area. The bold look of shower screens tends to emphasize the intrinsic value of the restroom especially if they are used in the restaurant.

Bathroom Vanities:

bathroom_vanitiesWhen it comes to choosing the right bathroom vanities, you have multiple options. All you need is quite an amount of patience in order to get through the initial and most cumbersome of the processes, which is to look at the myriad options available in the market. There are diverse types of such vanities available; few of them are listed here below:

  • Custom made vanities.
  • Hanging vanities.
  • Semi recess vanities.
  • Vanities with drawer runner.
  • Square ceramic top vanities.
  • Tall boy vanities.

Certainly it’s good to have modern bathroom vanities and shower screens. These luxurious home accessories tend to showcase the mental preference and inclination of a person or the owner of the premises.