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How to Stay Away From a Low-Quality Kitchen

A good kitchen layout can assist you to get things done resourcefully but an inadequately designed kitchen can squander your time. If there is one room in your home where you need to get the design right then it is undeniably your kitchen!

If proper care and attention are not given at the time of designing the kitchen, even the most high-quality kitchen cabinets can radiate a cheap and nasty look. There are certain aspects that need to be kept in mind while designing your new kitchen. On the other hand, there are few things that relate to simple updates, which can be made to your existing kitchen.

We took the opinion of our expert kitchen designers about what they considered contributed towards a low-quality kitchen design.

Inappropriate Styling

If no consideration is given to styling, splendid kitchens can look dingy, dull and empty. A fruit in a wonderful bowl, a flower vase or herbs planted in a decorative pot, all augment the homely vibe of a kitchen.

Get acquainted with the diverse styles that are in the trend and save pictures in a scrapbook or online. When you have made up your mind regarding a specific style, speak with your designer about how to integrate it into your home and whether it is the right style for your home.

Scantily designed space for kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets that do not fit aptly, sit out like an uncomfortable thumb. Nothing yells a low-quality kitchen like cabinets that flows 50 mm short of doorways or a blank space, which gives a feel like it was unintentional or accidental. It just doesn’t look proper and diminish the entire kitchen.

Custom Built Kitchen Design with Good Space

As long as it looks intentional, there is no incorrect amount of space to be left between the kitchen’s end and another architectural aspect. If the kitchen is cautiously designed, it won’t look as if you attempted to fit a ready-made kitchen into an existing space. Certainly, you should be conscious concerning space. Areas of space in a kitchen are equally significant as what you load your kitchen with.

Intricate Light bulbs

It is hard to change some light bulbs due to complicated light fixtures. When you are renovating and upgrading light fixtures ensure that the bulbs can be effortlessly changed and the bulb can be easily bought.


Shedding/ Flaking Border Strip

Shedding/ flaking border strip emit low-quality looks. Laminates are renowned as a durable, affordable kitchen door covering but the borders have been vulnerable to shedding/ flaking. At last, there is an answer to this! The all-new laser edge applies bordering/ edging in such a way that makes removing it very hard. Laser edging appears so orderly that the joins are nearly invisible.


Light coloured kitchens can get a grey fog around the borders of doors and benchtops if they are not kept clean. This makes them appear old and tired swiftly. If your kitchen is positioned close to the painted walls, it may be worth applying another coat sporadically to keep it looking new and pristine.

Substandard Workmanship

Some instances of substandard workmanship are asymmetrical cupboards, gaps in shelving, benchtops that don’t meet the walls etc. The only way to improve upon this is to hire an established and reputed company to construct and install your kitchen. To complete the job appropriately, a high-quality kitchen requires high-quality installations.

Earlier, 450mm benchtops used to be rather standard; however, these days we have 600mm as standard benchtop depth. Nonetheless, island benches need slightly more.

Without a wall to balance the effect, a 600mm island bench can appear very cramped. When you add 300mm to your island benchtop, it means you will have an overhang by 300mm (cabinets are deep by 600mm). The broader benchtop feels as if it rests much better inside the room. Now, with this newly discovered under-bench space, you can add under-bench display cabinets to flaunt your style or add stools (a stool is used for sitting without backrest support which is found in chairs) to create casual meals area.

Tip for Benchtops & Splashbacks: Opt Natural Material

For kitchen benchtops, natural stones such as Carrara, Statuario and Calacatta are implausibly popular but are often unfeasible from the perspective of cost and can be exceedingly difficult to care for. Nonetheless, a variety of natural-looking engineered stone materials is new to the market. They are quite affordable and notably stronger than the products they impersonate. For your splashback, you can consider using the same material, which will radiate a sophisticated rich look.