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Essential Checklist for Designing Your Dream Kitchen

You have to consider several alternatives while creating a striking design for the kitchen interiors along with selecting fitting colour combinations, and investing in crucial kitchen appliances.

Here below is the checklist that will assist you in your decision making process. Regardless of the fact that you may hire a designer or you plan to accomplish the task yourself, the below checklist will act as a guide to assist you through the process.

Kitchen Designs Sydney

Checklist for Determining the Style of the Kitchen

  1. When I glance at my existing kitchen, what are the elements I like the most and what are the elements that I dislike and want to alter?
  2. Would I want my kitchen design to gel with the interiors of my entire house or would want a different look that would give a contrast effect?
  3. Is there a specific style that I prefer? Or am I fascinated by a modern or traditional style or a combination of both styles? Would I want this new style to be applied in my kitchen?
  4. Is there a specific theme in my mind that I would want to apply to my kitchen?
  5. Do I have any colour preferences that I would want to apply to my kitchen? Are there specific colours that I want to completely refrain from using?
  6. How are the rooms looking that connect to the kitchen space? Would I want the style of my kitchen interiors to match with the other adjacent rooms?
  7. Does my kitchen open up to the outside space? If not, do I require my kitchen to open up to the outside space? Is there a need to replace my existing doors and windows?
  8. Are there some remarkable features that I have seen in the kitchens of my relatives or friends that is now taking my attention? If yes, do I want to include these notable features to my kitchen?
  9. Do I own some samples of designs or styles that I favour? It might be useful to cut the images, colour samples, or designs that you prefer and make a folder of them for quick reference.

Hope the above checklist for determining the style of the kitchen gave you some enlightenment to get started with your kitchen renovation project.

We will cover checklist for storage and functionality in our next blog update. You can visit us back or bookmark our blog for future reading.