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Ducted Rangehood: An Essential for Modern Kitchen

Ducted Rangehood

With the growing rise in health and wellness trends, the ducted rangehood has become an essential component of the modern kitchen. While cooking, various polluting particles are released into the air, which can pose numerous health problems. For a healthy kitchen environment, the installation of a ducted rangehood is the best-preferred option.

What is a Ducted Rangehood?

The rangehood acts as an enclosure for the area around the cooking canopy that collects airborne particles like smoke and fumes emanating from the kitchen.

A ducted rangehood is equipped with pipes connected to a duct that channels the airborne particles from the kitchen to the outdoor. It customarily has a mechanical fan that can turn on and off to pull in the airborne particles. Thus, a ducted rangehood prevents smoke particles from collecting on walls, dining tables, cabinets, and other kitchen surfaces.

  • Why should one prefer a ducted rangehood over a ductless rangehood?
  • It transports more significant amounts of smoke particles and fumes to the outdoors.
  • Exhaust systems are quieter and run efficiently as compared to ductless designs.
  • Reasons why you should install a rangehood?

Cooking: – A Regular Activity:

Every person who cooks at least two times a day shows kitchen appliances, and their exhaust products are common to every modern kitchen.

Strong Odour Foods:

Everyone likes food with a strong odour. The stronger the odour, the greater the release of airborne particles while cooking.


Sometimes your smoke alarm goes off when you cook.

Health-Related Concern:

Everyone is concerned about the amount of smoke and poor quality of air in their household. Good quality needs good quality air, which is a prerequisite for ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

Vented Rang hood

How To Choose a Perfect Vented Range Hood?

It’s wise to take some time to select a built-in, Slide-out, or undermount rangehood that looks great and that performs adequately for your kitchen safe.

Size & Flexibility:

A ducted range hood should be wide enough to capture emissions from all burners around the cooking area. Considering aesthetics is also important as a vast range of hoods would cover the entire canopy and won’t go well with the design of your kitchen. Professional grade hoods cover more than the ranges hood as per necessity.

Adequate Power:

No one wants to overspend an unnecessary power, so a rangehood must have adequate power for every 100 BTUS of hood power; you need at least one CFM of power from the hood’s fan blower. So, carefully read and follow the recommendations of manufacturers.

Low Sounds Rating:

The sound levels of a ducted range hood are measured in sones-higher the sone, louder the fan. If you are sound sensitive, pay attention to this number and choose the hood with the lowest sones rating.

Style, Types & Options:

One can choose between two options:-

  • One more affordable piece hoods.
  • Two-piece hoods which are more custom.

You have for main models to choose from:-


Chimney-style hoods are more common and preferable for homeowners who do not have a cabinet over their range area.

Under Cabinet

These are the most widespread and traditional hoods providing storage above the cooktop and an option for integrating with cabinetry.

Ceiling Mounted

This option is preferred for those who want an island cooktop. These are ideal for open kitchen design as they reduce visual obstructions between the kitchen and adjacent living space.


These hoods are mounted to the wall than the cabinet and have a similar aesthetic to under cabinet styles.

These are some points you should keep in mind before purchasing a perfect duct rangehood.


Thus, ducted rangehood has many useful functions to perform in your kitchen. Adding aesthetic value to your kitchen, providing pure breathing air, ensuring safe and hustle-free smooth cooking are some reasons you shouldn’t think much and get a ducted rangehood installed in your kitchen.

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