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Laminated Benchtops

Laminate Benchtops Online

Paradise Kitchens supply the finest and the choicest benchtops from the superior Duropal brand. Duropal laminate surfaces can be used for multiple applications. It can be used as a kitchen benchtop, splashback, as a vanity top, floating shelving and more. Duropal benchtops are perfect for any renovation, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) or a new kitchen. Duropal laminate benchtops are amongst the widely used benchtops today and it’s for a reason. The following are the reasons that make laminate benchtops the preferred choice for benchtops here in Australia:

  1. Duropal laminated benchtops are highly cost-effective, resistant to steam, various stains such as coffee, ink, red wine and chemicals, scratch-resistant and easy to install and maintain.
  2. Duropal laminate benchtops are resistant to high impact. Duropal will withstand objects like tins of food falling from the cupboards onto the surface.
  3. Duropal laminate benchtops are longer than most benchtops available on the market so you can get more coverage with fewer joins.

Go ahead and pick a colour for your laminate benchtop that goes with your kitchen layout so that you can enjoy using it every day. A benchtop is a lasting fixture in your home that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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