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Clark Sinks

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In Sydney, Australia, Clark kitchen sinks are quite popular because of its high quality and extra finish it provides. When it comes to comfortable working in a kitchen, a kitchen sink can play a major role. The Clark kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel and are highly durable as well as available in variety of designs. There are many types of Clark sinks like Clark Monaco double bowl sink, Clark Monaco single bowl sink, Clark undermount sink, mantra sink , Pete Evans sink and advance sinks are available here at our Paradise Kitchens online store. You can select any Clark kitchen sink suiting to the sink area of your kitchen and the sink depth you require.

Product Image Item Name- Price
Clark's Pete Evans Single Bowl Undermount
Code: 6610
$793.90$934.00 Save: 15% off
Clark's Pete Evans Double Bowl Undermount
Code: 6620
$1,134.75$1,335.00 Save: 15% off
Clark's Pete Evans 1.5 End Bowl
Code: 6630
$1,134.75$1,335.00 Save: 15% off
Clark's Pete Evans 1.75 End Bowl
Code: 6640
$1,305.06$1,536.00 Save: 15% off
Clark's Orion Double Bowl Undermount Designer Range
Code: EXDU
$707.02$832.00 Save: 15% off
Clark's Riva Double Bowl Undermount Designer Range
Code: 5908
$707.02$832.00 Save: 15% off
Clark's Cellini Main Bowl Overmount Designer Range
Code: ERB
$397.08$468.00 Save: 15% off
Clark's Cellini Main Bowl Undermount Designer Range
Code: ERBU
$340.00$400.00 Save: 15% off
Clark's Quatro Single End Bowl Designer Range
Code: 6010
$648.55$763.00 Save: 15% off
Clark's Quatro 1.5 End Bowl Designer Range
Code: 6020
$765.85$901.00 Save: 15% off
Clark's Quatro 1.75 End Bowl Designer Range
Code: 6030
$824.05$970.00 Save: 15% off
Clark's Quatro Double End Bowl Designer Range
Code: 6040
$1,001.03$1,178.00 Save: 15% off

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