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You can add elegance, texture and colour to your kitchen by installing a beautiful stone benchtop. When installing a stone benchtop for your kitchen, you have different alternatives before you from which you can choose. Depending upon the properties of each kind of stone, here below are the different types of stone benchtops available.

Stone Benchtops

Marble Benchtop

Since long, marble has been considered precious solely for its beauty. It provides an exquisite and attractive exterior look. Marble is also used in bathroom vanity tops, splash back, and as a stylish bathroom fit-out. Marble kitchen benchtops appear seemingly beautiful; however, you’ll have to take care to keep it in excellent condition precisely because marble is prone to stains and scratches.

Granite Benchtop

Granite is also a sophisticated and polished stone that will multiply the beauty of your kitchen benchtop. Even after several years, its colour will never get altered and it will keep looking glowing and lively as it was first installed. Granite is a bit expensive when compared to marble but it requires only a little care. The chief benefit of installing granite is that it is the most vigorous, durable, natural material, which is ideal for kitchen benchtops and bathrooms.

If you want to custom design your granite kitchen benchtop in Sydney, Paradise Kitchen can actualise it for you. Get a free Benchtop Quote Now !

Stone Benchtops

Engineered Stone Benchtop

Engineered stone is the most popular choice for all types of interior surfaces and benchtops because it is scratch proof, highly tolerant to stains and leak resistant. Compared to other natural stones, engineered stone is stronger, robust and more colour consistent. Engineered stone is an exceedingly tough, useful and highly adaptable surface and it contains natural quartz roughly around 93% or greater and 7% mixed pigments, bonding agent and special additives. It does not need any sealant to be applied, thus engineered stone is actually free of maintenance, which will add charm and gracefulness to any residential or business property.

Do you want to install a refined and appealing stone benchtop for your custom-made kitchen? Immediately, get in touch with us at Paradise Kitchens – Pick your phone and dial (02) 9757 4400 or send us your requirement using our online enquiry form. You’re most welcome to visit us at our Sydney office located at 70 Hassall Street, Wetherill Park, NSW 2164.

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