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Whether it is a kitchen, or a bathroom, tapware is the most important element. There are many different types of taps varying in styles and designs. Selecting the right tapware amongst various Echo Circa shower mixer, Echo Circa basin mixer, Echo Strata shower mixer, Echo Strata sink mixer, Kiri mixer, Amio basin mixer, Rere basin mixer, Futura basin mixer, Minimalist basin mixer, Tropaz sink mixer, Ovalo mixer, Genesis basin mixer, Alpha basin mixer, Medea basin mixer, Maxus shower mixer, Milos basin mixer, Amio sink mixer etc., can be quite confusing because all the taps come with different features and designs. You can select the tapware based on the water flow speed required by you. Whether you are going to install that tapware in kitchen or bathroom can also be a deciding factor. Here, at our online store of tapware, we have a wide range of Flexispray tapware as well as Metven Tapware, which are renowned brands amongst the other tapware brands in Australia. Thus, you can be rest assured that here you will get quality and durable tapware which is going to last for a longer period of time.


Product Image Item Name- Price
Rossto Imola Laundry Washing Machine Set Handles Tapware Pair
Code: plnz03
$44.00$66.00 Save: 33% off
Rossto Imola Bathroom 3 Piece Bath Set Tapware Chrome
Code: plnz01
$77.00$120.00 Save: 36% off
Caroma Tasman II Wall Sink Set
Code: 992542C4A
$126.15$145.00 Save: 13% off
Caroma Elegance II Wall Top Assemblies
Code: 631172C
$79.17$91.00 Save: 13% off
Caroma Elegance II Shower Set
Code: 631174C3A
$132.24$152.00 Save: 13% off
Caroma Elegance II Bath Set
Code: 631175C
$106.14$122.00 Save: 13% off
Caroma Elegance II Laundry Set
Code: 631179C4A
$90.48$104.01 Save: 13% off
Caroma Elegance II Washing Machine Set
Code: 631173C
$100.92$116.00 Save: 13% off
Midas Deluxe Shower Set
Code: 94242C3A
$247.08$284.00 Save: 13% off
El Toro Wall Top Assemblies - Lever Handle
Code: 2691.04
$251.08$302.50 Save: 17% off
Kytin 150mm Upswept Bath Outlet Bath Outlet
Code: 2555.04
$122.89$148.06 Save: 17% off
Dorf Kytin Laundry Wall Washing Machine Tapware Set
Code: 2552.04
$309.51$372.90 Save: 17% off

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