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The decision of buying a new oven can be time consuming and tricky because there are many brands and types available to choose from. There are electric ovens, gas ovens, fan ovens, multi functional ovens, conventional ovens etc., from which you need to choose the one which is as per your requirements. All these branded ovens like Venini ovens and Baumatic ovens available at our online store are having user friendly features and functionalities which would make your job of cooking quick and easy. All you need is to go through the features of the ovens thoroughly and choose the one which is just right for you.

Product Image Item Name- Price
Venini 60cm fan forced oven
Code: VO6FS
$508.75$629.00 Save: 19% off
Venini 60cm fan forced LED oven
Code: VO6FPS
$550.00$699.00 Save: 21% off
Venini 60cm Multifunction Led Oven
Code: VO6MPS
$687.50$849.00 Save: 19% off
Venini 60cm Electric Fan Forced Oven
Code: VEO6001
$536.00$659.00 Save: 19% off
Venini 60cm Electric Fan Forced Oven
Code: VO6SFS
$756.00$929.00 Save: 19% off
Venini 90cm Fan forced oven
Code: VEO9002
$1,223.75$1,509.00 Save: 19% off
Baumatic 60cm Fan Forced Oven
Code: BAO6001-P
$838.75$1,119.00 Save: 25% off
Baumatic 60cm Multifunction Oven
Code: BAO6003-P
$935.00$1,249.00 Save: 25% off
Baumatic 60cm Multifunction Self-cleaning Pyrolytic Oven
Code: BAO6009-P
$1,306.25$1,729.00 Save: 24% off
Baumatic 46cm Touch Control Multifunction Oven
Code: BAO4636-P
$1,306.25$1,749.00 Save: 25% off
Baumatic 60cm Double Oven
Code: BAO6008-P
$1,595.00$2,129.00 Save: 25% off
Baumatic 75cm Multifunction Oven
Code: BAO759-P
$1,498.75$1,999.00 Save: 25% off

$742.00$999.00 Save: 26% off
$839.00$1,099.00 Save: 24% off
$935.00$1,249.00 Save: 25% off
$1,787.00$2,389.00 Save: 25% off
$1,210.00$1,599.00 Save: 24% off
$499.00$629.00 Save: 21% off
$508.75$629.00 Save: 19% off
$935.00$1,249.00 Save: 25% off

A Simple Oven Buying Guide

Are you planning to buy an oven to manage your daily cooking chores, but not sure which type of oven would be perfect for you and your family's needs. Well, this is a buying guide that will provide you the information, which you require to make a well-informed oven buying decision that precisely suits your need and budget.

How Much Food You Require To Cook At A Go?

For this, first of all, you have to figure out what capacity you need in your oven. Capacity is measured in litres and it is the total usable size of an oven's cavity, which helps you to calculate how much food can be cooked at a go (i.e. at a particular time). Clearly, built-in single models are inclined to have low capacity whereas built-under and built-in doubles alternatives have bigger capacities. Additionally, you need to take into account the number of shelves available with the oven because a 40-litre oven with three shelves can cook more food than a 50-litre oven with just two shelves.

Choose an Oven That Perfectly Blends With Your Kitchen and Budget

It is imperative to choose the oven that perfectly sits in your custom kitchen layout and fulfil your cooking requirements and is within your budget. A built-in model has more flexibility, as it can be fixed at any height to avoid twisting and squatting to use. It also doesn't have to be placed below the cooktop. Nonetheless, buying a separate oven and cooktop may consume more space and also cost you more. Suppose, you want to cook big quantities of food simultaneously, double ovens are better, but they may not be appropriate for small kitchens or tighter budgets.

Oven Types & Size

We may tend to think "the bigger it is - the better it is", but it is not so especially if you have a small kitchen and require an oven to fit perfectly in the available space. The oven can be classified into three categories such as built-in single, built-in double and built-under.

Built-In Single Oven

A built-in single model oven requires to be placed in oven's place (i.e. particular place reserved for the oven), whether it is placed at the eye level or below the worktop. Single multifunction ovens normally have a grill included, which saves a lot of space; however, you cannot utilise the oven and grill functions, both at once.

Built-In Double Oven

Similar to the built-in single models, built-in double models require to be installed in a specific place reserved for the oven; however, they possess a larger capacity than the built-in single ovens. They need more space, but they come with two big oven cavities or a separate smaller grill, which makes them perfect for people who want to cook meals in big quantities.

Built-Under Oven

Built-under ovens are specifically made so that it can nicely fit into space amidst two cupboard units. They are either freestanding or fixed with brackets, and they come with a double cavity.

Controls and Settings

The number of controls and settings ovens have can confuse you at first, but actually, they are intended to make your life easier. You should check the instruction manual to have a proper understanding of your appliance; however, here are the details of common settings on ovens.

  1. Fanned oven heat - the fan assists to move heat around the oven
  2. Grill
  3. The combination of grill and fan
  4. Upper and lower heating components - heat disperse via convection instead of being moved by the fan
  5. Defrosting - frequently the oven fan with no heat

Oven Doors

These days, you get a variety of ovens that come with different door options, some come with drop down door option, and then there are hinged doors as well as side opening doors. The other type of oven comes with doors that fold away below the oven. You will need to choose an oven that is convenient for you to use, perfectly fits into your kitchen space, and helps you to effortlessly cook the quantities of meal that you need to cook at a given time. Additionally, an oven with glass door will help you to check on the progress of your food easily as compared to an oven that has a stainless steel door.

At Paradise Kitchens, you'll find a huge range of ovens that come with a lot of features, so before making your buying decision, go through this awesome oven range so that you can buy the right oven that suits your need, convenience, and budget.

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