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A Recent Kitchen Renovation That We Did…

We had got an enquiry from Lisa in April 2015 for kitchen renovation from the suburb of Randwick, New South Wales. She wanted to give a fresh and neat look to her kitchen and wanted it to be more functional. We invited her to visit our store and showed her a kitchen design that we made and offered her quote for the same. She liked the new kitchen design so much that she immediately approved it. We gave an estimated completion time by which her kitchen would be refurbished fully. We manufactured the new kitchen, delivered and got it installed on time.

Before the Kitchen Renovation: The flooring and ceiling wasn’t looking neat and tidy, and the cabinets were smaller. The working kitchen platform was wooden colour. The lines were visible on the tiles. Overall the look and feel was dull and so Lisa wanted to renovate her kitchen to give a fresh and neat look.

After the Kitchen Renovation: The flooring and ceiling has a new and fresh look and bigger cabinets to shelf more items comfortably. The working kitchen platform is transformed into white colour, which gives a neat look and more working space to perform the daily chores easily. The tiles were installed with excellent finish which doesn’t exhibit lines. After the renovation, Lisa got a beautiful kitchen which is shinning as brand new and radiating light. This could be achieved because white colour was used for setting up the kitchen interiors – cabinets, tiles, ceiling, walls and even for flooring, a shade of white colour was used so that it goes well with the entire kitchen.

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