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8 Smart Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

A bathroom is an essential place that refreshes you before starting your day, as well as, reenergizes you after a hectic day is completed. People like to invest in their bathrooms, as it’s an essential space that they’ll use every day for cleansing themselves; besides, it radiates class and distinction. Beginning with bath taps to different kinds of fixtures, when it comes to bathroom fittings there are so much that a person can do.

Let’s explore the 8 Clever Bathroom Vanity Options

Make your everyday morning ritual more delightful with these handy and clever design ideas for your bathroom renovations. The bathroom is certainly the most occupied room in the house, particularly in the morning when everybody is hurrying around to begin the day – for instance, children are getting ready for school while parents are getting ready for work, all at the same time. While designing your bathroom vanity, you need to pay attention to functionality and ease of use along with style and finishes.

1. Open Shelve

Integrating open shelving into your vanity allows you to keep towels within easy reach and they render a classy look creating a spa-like feel in your bathroom.

2. Creating More Space

Acquire more bench space by having your vanity benchtop go over the end of the bath. The underneath space can be utilised to keep your beauty products in a beautiful basket or your kid’s bath toys.

3. Efficient Storage

Storage is an essential component in your bathroom just like any other room of your home. When designing your bathroom vanity, you’ll need to consider all the things that you need to store in your bathroom vanity such as shampoos, shower gels, cleaning products, toilet rolls etc. Therefore, when you plan cautiously for practical storage, it will aid ensuring all things get a storage place and things won’t have to be placed on top of the vanity.

4. Floating or Wall-Mounted

A wall-mounted or floating vanity is an excellent way to make a small room feel much roomier. You’ll get a feel of a larger space when you’re able to see more floor space in a room. Remember, it’s more desirable that your drainage pipe should go into the wall and shouldn’t go down through the floor with this type of vanity.

5. Drawers

Drawers are a brilliant way of making extra user-friendly storage in your bathroom. Suppose, your drawers are directly below the sink, then the drawers need to be cut around the sink drainage pipe. Inside the drawers, make permanent divisions or you can buy drawer inserts to share the space to hold all the small pieces that you may want to keep such as moisturisers, make-up, nail polish, imitation jewellery etc.

Floating - Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Paradise Kitchens


6. Ingenious Sink

Well, if you’re thinking of buying a stone vanity top, you should think about an under mount basin. As this type of basin sits beneath the surface, you can easily wipe out the water that gets accumulated on top, directly into the basin. What’s more, if you wall-mount the taps then cleaning in and around the basin becomes easier.

7. Smart Cabinet with Intelligent Storage

A smart way of making intelligent storage is to have a cabinet with mirror doors on the wall that is above your vanity. This creates a very sleek look that’s having a ‘secret’ storage.

8. Distinctiveness

The bathroom is the ideal room in your home to allow your creativity to take form, thus, use this room to try-out distinctive styles and colours that you may not pick normally.

Ingenious Sink & Cabinets

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Final Words

A bathroom vanity comes in a variety of options from which you can choose. People often get confused by the innate choice that they have and face a lot of uncertainties in deciding the best one to have it in their abodes. Nevertheless, with so many options and choices, the selection of that perfect one for your home will be certainly rewarding, as it will harmonise the home decor seamlessly. Hence, choose wisely and garner the adulations and praises from everyone.