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Heated Towel Rails

Buy Heated Towel Rails Online

Many people prefer drying with warm towel when they come out of shower. This can be made possible by installing heated towel rail in the bathroom. There is a wide range of heated towel rails available here at our online store of bathroom accessories. You can choose a heated towel rail as per your requirement and have a luxurious feeling in your bathroom. If you are staying in a place where the temperature is cold most of the times, then a heated towel rail becomes a necessity in your bathroom as it will not only heat your towels but will also keep your bathroom warm.

Product Image Item Name- Price
Heated Towel Rails - 5R
Code: HT-5R
$225.00$275.00 Save: 18% off
Heated Towel Rails - 8R
Code: HT 8R
$268.00$330.00 Save: 19% off
Heated Towel Rails - 8RC
Code: HT-8RC
$312.00$380.00 Save: 18% off
Heated Towel Rails - 9R
Code: HT-9R
$387.00$470.00 Save: 18% off
Heated Towel Rails - 4S
Code: HT 4S
$250.00$350.00 Save: 29% off
Heated Towel Rails - 6S
Code: HT-6S
$342.00$420.00 Save: 19% off
Heated Towel Rail - 8S
Code: HT 8S
$461.00$560.00 Save: 18% off
Heated Towel Rail -11S
Code: HT 11S
$540.00$650.00 Save: 17% off
Heated Towel Rails - 6 Square Tubes
Code: HT 6S
$342.00$415.00 Save: 18% off

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